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Life After Pregnancy, What I’m Looking Forward To

alcohol-alcoholic-beverage-301682.jpgNo matter how much you love pregnancy, there will always be some things about life before pregnancy that you really, really miss. Things that you simply can’t wait for once you are no longer pregnant. It goes without saying that the thing I am most excited for after pregnancy is meeting my baby boy, holding him in my arms and embarking on a new journey together. But there are also some other things that I can’t wait for, things that I have sorely missed throughout pregnancy.

Sleeping on my front

Oh my goodness, I miss sleeping on my front so badly. My pregnancy pillow is amazing and helps me get such a good nights sleep on my side but it will never be as good as simply being able to sleep on my front.


I’m sure it’s been harder to give up alcohol this pregnancy than last time. Probably because last time I was managing a shop all day, but this time I’m trying to manage a toddler all day! I had a few weeks when I was literally craving Mojitos and every time I smell someone’s glass of wine or Prosecco, my mouth actually waters. I only want one glass (and I probably couldn’t handle more than that anyway!), but I want it so badly!

Being able to fit into my clothes

I’ve had a baby before, I know the drill. I won’t be able to fit into my pre pregnancy clothes anywhere near as soon as I am currently hoping. But when that day comes, it will be a happy day indeed. I’m so envious of everyone wearing their lovely Summer clothes, while I suffer in my limited maternity wardrobe. Not having to accommodate a bump will be amazing!


My heartburn has been pretty bad throughout this pregnancy and the one thing that sets it off the worst is chocolate. This is tough for me. Tougher even than the wine. Because if you can’t over indulge in chocolate when you’re pregnant then when can you?! (When you’re breastfeeding, shhhh!)

Fruit juice

Another heartburn casualty, and one that I unfortunately keep forgetting about until I’m hit by a killer attack. Every restaurant or bar that I go to, I mourn for a white wine spritzer, order myself a juice and then have to down some Gaviscon ten minutes later. This baby had better be cute!

Hardcore cleaning products

Oh man, I miss bleach. How are you supposed to ‘nest’ efficiently when all of your favourite cleaning products have warning signs on them for pregnant women? Last time I switched to all natural cleaning products and spent the whole time feeling like the house was never clean. This time around (second pregnancy and all that!) I’ve been using them sparingly and just breathing in the other direction. But I can’t pretend that I’m not excited to use them with wild abandon once again. Sad, I know.

What are the things that you miss the most when you are pregnant?


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