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Bath Time!


Ever since Darcie was first born, she has been a total water baby. I don’t know if it’s because she was born in the birth pool or if it’s simply because most babies just do love water. But either way, it has always been a great way of calming her down if she is upset or unwell and these days it fills that awkward gap between dinner and bedtime. Bath time usually lasts a good half an hour at least in our house; she plays with her toys, splashes water everywhere, drinks the bath water (gross, I know), plays with the bubbles and always says ‘teeth’ at the end to remind me that we need to brush her teeth. Continue reading “Bath Time!”

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2017 Christmas Tag

Christmas Tag 2017.png
I was tagged by the lovely Rachael at From Rachael Claire to take part in her 2017 Christmas tag. Rachael is one of the most festive people I know, which is saying something seeing as I consider myself to be pretty festive anyway! She was the perfect person to create this tag and I’ve really enjoyed taking part. At the end of the post I’m going to tag some other bloggers to take part and it would be amazing for you to go over and take a look at their blogs too. So let’s jump straight in!

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10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week 09.12.17

I really enjoy writing these round up posts of things that have made me happy this week but I lost track of them somewhere in November. However, now that Blogmas is here and I’ve rediscovered my blogging mojo, it’s time to bring them back. So here are ten things that have made me happy this week:

1. Darcie’s advent calendar
I’ve done Darcie a toy and book advent calendar again this year and so she gets to unwrap a little present each day in the run up to Christmas. Every morning it makes her so happy to open up the parcel and see what’s inside and I just know that she is going to be overjoyed on Christmas morning when she gets to open a lot more than one at a time! Continue reading “10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week 09.12.17”

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Christmas Gift Guide For Toddlers

With Christmas looming I’ve put together this gift guide for toddlers to hopefully give some inspiration to any parents out there who are struggling for ideas. Let’s be honest you can go into any Early Learning Centre, Toys ‘r’ Us or Argos and be bombarded with choices and ideas of all the latest toys to buy your toddler, so I’ve focused on some more alternative ideas that you might not otherwise have thought of and to support some smaller or lesser known brands in the process.

Continue reading “Christmas Gift Guide For Toddlers”

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Christmas Gift Guide for Dads

I don’t know if I’ve ever met a single woman who doesn’t struggle to buy for the men in her life. For some reason men can be absolutely impossible to buy for and the ones in my life are no exception. I’ve put together this gift guide that contains some items that you might not have thought of before and also some trusty old faithfuls. I hope it helps anyone who might have  just realised that it is only three weeks until the big day and that they still have no presents bought for the men in the family. I know that feeling oh so well, so here are a few ideas for you: Continue reading “Christmas Gift Guide for Dads”

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Christmas Trees, Toddlers & Traditions

I’m sure if you are up to date on my last few blog posts that you will have realised that I’m pretty excited for Christmas at this point. For me most of the excitement is in the build up to the big day; it’s in putting up the decorations, baking gingerbread men, doing crafts with Darcie all while having the Christmas radio stations on all day every day and then snuggling up to watch Christmas films with hot chocolate and mince pies. It’s one of my favourite times of the year and so I like to make the most of it. Growing up our Christmas tree would always go up a couple of weeks before Christmas and we would always decorate it together. There would be the annual argument over whose turn it was to pick the colour scheme, the lights would go on and then we would cover it in as many decorations as the poor thing could handle. It was one of the things that we always did as a family and those memories will always make me smile. I’m so keen to carry on this tradition with my own little family, just with one difference; I’ve realised that one of the best parts of adulthood is getting to decide when the tree goes up and so in our household it goes up the first weekend in December!  Continue reading “Christmas Trees, Toddlers & Traditions”

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Tips for Moving House With a Baby or Toddler


We’ve moved house twice now since having Darcie; the first time she was four months old and the second time she had just turned one. Throughout these two house moves I have learnt a few lessons that could be helpful for anyone reading this who is faced with the prospect of moving house with a young child in tow. I can honestly say that neither times have been too difficult, the first time was certainly easier as she wasn’t yet moving, by the second move she was into everything and using packing boxes to cruise around. She was old enough for unpacking a box to be the best game ever and so everything certainly took longer. Moving house is never going to be totally stress free but here are my top tips for reducing some of that stress.

Work out how long you think each task will take and add three hours
This is generally a good practise anyway when you have a child but now more than ever you really want to make sure you don’t run out of time and end up in a last minute panic.

Try to make it fun
If you are moving with a toddler then they will love to ‘help’. Try giving them their own box to pack or a duster to go around and do some ‘cleaning’. By getting them involved you will keep them on your side and hopefully avoid any tantrums in all the upheaval.

Pick your moments
Assuming you have a fair bit of notice as to when you’ll be moving, make sure that you use your time wisely in the run up to the big day. Use nap times for packing poxes and getting things done so that when your child is awake you can still give them attention and keep a sense of normality. The last thing you need is your kid going loopy because all they’ve seen for a month is cardboard boxes and packing tape.

Label all the boxes, in detail
As soon as you get into your new house, you’re going to need to know exactly where the bottles, the bedding and the pyjamas are. I always make sure that Darcie’s essentials are unpacked first so that we can at least get her sorted out and in bed before making a start on the rest of the chaos.

Accept help or ask for it
We are lucky in that we have an extremely helpful family who are always more than happy to help us in whatever way they can. We don’t usually have to ask for help as it’s probably already been offered. I’m not always good at accepting help but when it comes to moving house, ‘all hands on deck’ really is the best approach. Even if you just need a friend to watch the baby for a few hours while you pack up the kitchen, it really does make a huge difference not carrying the weight of it all on your shoulders.

Move at a good time of day for your child
I think it’s important not to mess up your child’s routine too much so try to work the day out around them. If you’re going far then maybe a good time of day would be to time it so that they nap on the way, or if you’re only going a short distance maybe move just before nap time so that they can sleep in the pram or cot (if you’ve found it) when you arrive. Or maybe if your child is a light sleeper it would be best to make sure they have napped first and then they will at least be happy while you are getting sorted. You know your child best and if you can move at a time that suits you and them, then make sure you organise it in a way that will be the least stressful for everybody.

Those are my top tips for moving house with a young child. I hope they have been helpful to some of you and good luck with the move!



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Little Dreamers Nursery Decor // My Business Launch and GIVEAWAY


It’s here!

The launch of my new business: Little Dreamers Nursery Decor. Well technically it launched a couple of months ago but now I’ve got the ball rolling I’m ready to share it fully with my blog. I am selling beautiful, handmade pieces for nurseries and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’ve started out with dream catchers but I have plans for bunting, garlands and all sorts of other wonderful things to add as time goes by.  Continue reading “Little Dreamers Nursery Decor // My Business Launch and GIVEAWAY”

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I Miss The Old Us

SAM_3186 (2).JPG

I was reminiscing recently about mine and Dan’s interrailling trip around France a few years ago. This was a couple of years pre Darcie and our first backpacking adventure together. We were young, carefree and in cringe worthy love. I’d be lying to you and to myself if I said that I didn’t miss those days. Although at the time we had our own individual difficulties and stresses, looking back I now see that what we had was endless time for each other and for the things that we love, a significant amount of disposable income and basically not a care in the world. There were no responsibilities back then, no reason to worry about getting home late and nothing to stop us from doing exactly what we wanted, when we wanted. Continue reading “I Miss The Old Us”

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100 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Hot Cocoa Cookies.png

Yep, you read that right, I have compiled a list of a hundred of my favourite Elf on the Shelf ideas! I’m not going to ramble on introducing this post because there is enough to be getting on with. So here goes…

Elf’s Arrival
Elf arrives on a parachute
Elf arrives with a note from Santa
Elf arrives on the doorstep with a big Christmas hamper for the family
Elf brings the advent calendars
Elf has put up the Christmas tree
Elf arrives on a hot air balloon
Elf arrives on the kitchen table and has written ‘Did you miss me?’ in Cheerios/Smarties
Elf arrives with a little suitcase
Elf is on the outside of the window and has written ‘help I’m locked out’ in the condensation
Elf is perched in the Christmas Wreath Continue reading “100 Elf on the Shelf Ideas”