10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week 14.10.17

IMG_8662.JPGI loved writing last weeks round up of things that made me happy and so I thought I would do it again. I’ve actually had a tough week in some ways with lots of little things going wrong and my brain just totally malfunctioning and forgetting everything that I needed to remember. But I want to focus on the good things that have actually made this week pretty good despite the many little blips.

1.A spontaneous trip to Paultons with an old friend. One of my oldest friends was unexpectedly down from London at the weekend and so we invited her to come to Paultons with us. We had such a lovely time and having an extra adult meant that we were able to take it in turns to go on the good rides too! Darcie really enjoyed herself too, she loves having extra people to hang out with and she gets on with Rosie really well. She also really enjoyed stealing all the Pumpkins from the Halloween displays.

2.Nap time breakthroughs. I’ve always cuddled Darcie to sleep (I know. Rod. Back. Got it.) but this week I thought I would just try putting her down in her cot with her milk at nap time, just to see if she would fall asleep. And she did! No tears or anything! She’s managed it a couple of times so far and I think it’s the start of a pretty big breakthrough for us.

3.Not quitting Blogtober. There have been a few rocky moments, but I’m still going strong. So far it has encouraged me to finish up a load of posts that have been sitting in Drafts for too long. I was really pleased to finally publish My Labour and Delivery Story // A Positive Birthing Experience on Sunday as I’d been putting off finishing that for over a year!

4.Brand collaborations. I’ve got a few exciting collaborations with different brands in the works at the moment and I’m enjoying exploring this new side of blogging. I’ve received a couple of really lovely things this week to review and I’m looking forward to sharing that with you soon.

5.My blogging stats. Can you tell that I’m really enjoying blogging at the moment? I feel like it’s all I talk about! My views have more than tripled since doing Blogtober and I moved just over 200 places up in Tots 100 (that’s like a parent bloggers ranking system). It’s nice to see hard work paying off!

6.Good telly. This is the best time of year for television for me; Dragons Den, The Apprentice and The X Factor mean that I’m never short for something I want to watch when it finally comes to relaxing in the evenings.

7.Cooking. I’ve been really enjoying cooking lately. The colder weather means I’ve been making more comfort food like Shepherds Pie and Bolognese, they are my favourite dishes to eat and to make.

8.Darcie. Obviously. She’s been really sweet this week. It  was particularly lovely watching her playing with her little buddy Noah yesterday. Because he is younger than her she tries to look after him by feeding him and giving him some of her water. They give each other kisses and cuddles while we plan their future wedding and drink our coffee. She also loves chasing him around and it won’t be long before he can chase her back!

9.Having my haircut. Although I totally forgot I was having it done and my lovely hairdresser had to wait on the doorstep for ten minutes, I always like having freshly cut hair. It feels so healthy! Now to decide whether I want to colour it!

10.Looking forward to family time. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be seeing both my mum and my sister who we haven’t seen for ages and then also going up to stay with Dan’s family in Kent. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone and to have a bit of a break from the usual stay at home mum life.

What has made you happy this week?


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