Ultimate Travel Wishlist

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It must be something about the January (and apparently February) blues but recently I have definitely got travel on the brain. I keep fantasising about white sand, clear blue seas and peace and relaxation. I love all different types of holidays, so sometimes I long to just go away and relax on a beach and other days I’ll be wishing I was hiking in the Andes or skydiving in Cape Town. I’ve definitely found that since having Darcie, I dream about relaxing beach holidays a lot more than I used to though! I wonder what that says about my change in lifestyle…! Regardless of kids being in or out of the equation I have always had an ultimate list of places I would love to visit and today I am going to share some of that list here.  (more…)

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Do you even have a Prefrontal Cortex though?

Did you know that our brains aren’t fully developed until we reach the age of around 25? I learnt this fact recently and it totally blew my (now fully developed) mind. The last part of our brains to finish developing is called the Prefrontal Cortex, and it’s the part in charge of problem solving, impulse control, reasoning and perseverance. Basically it’s the bit of our brain that helps us to make good, rational, well thought out decisions. So up until around this age, we really are just stumbling through life, doing the best we can – with a not totally developed brain. (more…)

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More Delightful with Dates | Ice Cream Edition

It’s been such a pleasure to collaborate with Natural Delights on a few videos over the last six months, and I’m especially excited to tell you about the latest episode of More Delightful With Dates. Previously I have made brownies and breakfast bars using dates for natural sugar and great added nutrients too, and both recipes turned out brilliantly. However, I was slightly more apprehensive to be making… ice cream! I knew the dates would give the ice cream a delicious flavour, but I had less high hopes for my ice cream making abilities – particularly as I don’t own an ice cream maker. (more…)

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A Nutritious Breakfast for the Whole Family

Over the last few years, I’ve slipped into the bad habit of skipping breakfast. Our mornings before school can be so hectic and with so many things to remember for the children, I often forget to eat until much later on – when I suddenly realise I’m ravenous! But this year I am determined to get back into the habit of eating breakfast. It’s one of my New Years goals, and so far I am doing pretty well. Our mornings are still chaos, and I know that’s unlikely to change, so I’m finding ways to make breakfast an easy, manageable part of my routine. One of the best ways I’ve found to do this, is to prepare things which I can grab and eat on the go. I’ve been trying out various recipes, finding things which we all like, and I’m going to share one of my favourites with you now. (more…)

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Gift Guide 2022 | Mindful Edition

It can be hard to know what to buy for the adults in your life. Buying for children, especially my own, I find quite simple. But choosing gifts for adults is a whole other ball game. One thing that I think we could all do with a little more of in our lives, is mindfulness. And by that I mean taking time to slow down, looking after our own needs and indulging in little luxuries. So here I have put together a collection of gift ideas that you could give to someone this Christmas to facilitate a moment of slowing down, and enjoying small luxuries that they might not usually indulge in.



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Gift Guide 2022 | For the Kids

Well here we are again, Christmas is creeping up on us at an alarming speed, which can only mean one thing here – it’s Gift Guide season!

I’m keeping it simple this year and in this post you will find a selection of things that we either already own and love, or that have been highly requested by my own children this year. I have linked everything within the post, all links are in pink text so should be easy enough to spot.

Of course, all children have different interests and tastes, but I hope that you will find a glimmer of inspiration within this post. So without anymore rambling from me, let’s get into it: (more…)

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