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Six Month Update

I just want to start by saying – how on earth are we already at six months?! It seems like only yesterday we arrived home from the Birth Centre with a tiny, delicate newborn that somehow we had to figure out how to look after. Fast forward six months and we now have a bubbly little bundle of joy with a chubby belly an infectious giggle and who loves nothing more than to be chucked in the air. Continue reading “Six Month Update”

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Dummy Rant

As a baby I wasn’t given a dummy, it just wasn’t something that was done in my family so when I had Darcie it wasn’t something that I thought I would do either. There was never a particular reason why dummies hadn’t featured in my life, I’m not sure if my parents are against them for any reason but they definitely now find it hard to comprehend that a baby could need or want one. Continue reading “Dummy Rant”

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Doing Something for Myself

I’m very much an ‘all or nothing’ type of girl. If I’m doing something I like to throw myself into in completely until something better comes along and then I have a tendency to lose interest. So I have very much committed to being a Mum and of course nothing better could ever come along so this is it now, I am committed to being the best Mum possible for the rest of my life. And I absolutely love that, it’s the best job I have ever had, the most rewarding, and I really feel like this is what I am meant to be doing. I feel like it suits me which I love. Continue reading “Doing Something for Myself”

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Am I Doing Enough?!

img_7421I’m sure any Mumma’s reading this can fully empathise when I say that I worry a lot about not doing “enough” with and for my beautiful baby. I think it has something to do with being the main carer for a child, of course Dan is here evenings and weekends to help out and do fun things with us, but the majority of the time it’s just little old me trying to fill the days with a nearly 6 month old baby. Continue reading “Am I Doing Enough?!”

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Breastfeeding in Public

I never thought I would have an issue with breastfeeding in public. I have always ¬†been a pretty confident person, sure of myself and my decisions. So when I was a few weeks post partum and thinking about going out and about a bit more, it surprised me that I began to feel nervous at the thought of feeding my daughter around strangers. Continue reading “Breastfeeding in Public”

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Through My Baby’s Eyes

IMG_7248.JPGOne of my favourite things about being a Mum is getting to experience life through my daughter’s eyes. To a baby everything is exciting, every day she is seeing new things, new colours, new textures. She finds joy in everything she sees, which is sadly something we lose as we grow older. Every leaf is a new colour, every day is a new sky, every passerby is a new friend and every toy is a new adventure. Continue reading “Through My Baby’s Eyes”