Am I Doing Enough?!

img_7421I’m sure any Mumma’s reading this can fully empathise when I say that I worry a lot about not doing “enough” with and for my beautiful baby. I think it has something to do with being the main carer for a child, of course Dan is here evenings and weekends to help out and do fun things with us, but the majority of the time it’s just little old me trying to fill the days with a nearly 6 month old baby.

I’ve tried various baby groups in my area, some I now go to regularly and others I decided to leave until Darcie is a little bit older. A lot of these ‘baby and toddler groups’ are really more aimed at children a bit older, I would say from walking age really, and it can feel kind of futile going. I probably get more out of these groups at the moment than she does as I get to meet other Mums and compare notes on what are babies are doing, how much sleep we aren’t getting and how useless our men can occasionally be.

When we are at home she has lots of toys, play mats, walkers, bouncy chairs that we play with together, I read her stories and sing her songs and I feed her and makes sure she has naps when she gets sleepy. At the weekends I try to make sure that we have family outings but it’s quite difficult to think of new and exciting things all the time. I’m sure as she gets older it will become easier in a way as we will know more what her interests are and there will be more things we can take her to once she is walking.

Last weekend we all went swimming for the first time which was lovely, we could tell that she enjoyed it and we’re planning on making it a weekly thing that we do together. I’m also making a conscious effort to make ‘Mum friends’ so that Darcie can have more time with babies her own ages as I want to make sure she develops good social skills from a young age.

Despite the fact that my logical brain knows that I am doing lots to entertain Darcie and to help her to develop well, the irrational ‘Mum guilt’ side of my brain keeps telling me that everyone else is doing more than me and that I’m probably neglecting doing something that is crucial for her development.

Any other Mum’s out there feel my pain? What are some things that you do to fill your days with your little ones?

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  1. Melissa, happychicmom

    Hi! I’m currently reading Einstein never used flashcards. It helps to address/alleviate parental anxiety about enriching their young children.
    It sounds like you are providing a loving and nurturing environment for your daughter.

    1. ohlovelydaysblog

      That sounds interesting I might have to give that a go! Thank you 🙂

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