Dear Santa (From my 7 Month old) 

I’ve seen a few of these ‘What my toddler really wants for Christmas’ posts floating around online and thought it would be fun to write my own one from the point of view of my 7 month old baby girl, Darcie.

Dear Santa,

Mum keeps telling me how much of a good girl I am so I thought I should write to you and put in my requests. I think that’s how it works anyway, I’m pretty new around here.

The first thing I’d love to have is the remote control for the telly. Mum has bought me a toy one from Sainsburys and I don’t want to hurt her feelings but it just isn’t going to cut it I’m afraid. It really does have to be the exact same one that Daddy gets to play with, its silver with yummy buttons not red and yellow like the one Mummy has bought. I’d love it if you could bring me the real thing!

While we are talking about technology, I would love to have Mummy’s phone, or Daddy’s, or Nana’s I’m really not fussed! Everyone else has one and they don’t like me to chew theirs, so I thought maybe if I could get my own one then I could chew that? Mum keeps talking about water damage but I don’t understand what that is and what it has to do with me, so if you could sort that little misunderstanding out for me Santa, that would make my year!

One thing me and Mum actually agree on is a dress we saw in Next, Mum was saying how cute it was and I did happen to notice a rather fantastic looking label so I think that it would make us both happy.

I’d also really like to rip the fairy lights off the tree. Frankly, I find it hard to believe that Mum and Dad brought them into the house for any reason other than my entertainment so I don’t know why I can’t play with them. Maybe you could talk to them for me, or if I can’t play with those ones, can I have my own lights please?

I also have a couple of culinary requests if that’s okay Santa. I’d like to have Mum’s dinner, she always gives me a less interesting version of what she has but I’m no fool! I’d like the real deal please.
Another special Christmas treat would be if you could talk to Mum and see if maybe she could let me suck on my flannel for once? I don’t care if it’s bath water that I may have weed in, it’s so much more delicious than the water she gives me in my sippy cup.

I think that’s the main things sorted, Santa, but I did think of one thing you could suggest as a gift for my Mummy. I’m sure she is going to want to burn off that Christmas dinner (that I’d better get to join in with), and I probably won’t want to let her go for a run so you could tell her she can hold me above her head for as long as she likes. I love flying around up there so it would be good for both of us. This doesn’t need to be just for Christmas Day either, she can keep doing this all year round I don’t mind!

Thank you Santa, I’ll be a good girl again next year and I look forward to writing to you again.

Slobbery kisses,


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  1. Jenny

    Adorable little girl!

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