It’s Not Always Rosy

Today has been a difficult Mummy day. To be honest it has been a difficult Mummy week, today probably wasn’t all that bad in the grand scheme of things but when you’ve had a hard week it all just seems a bit worse, doesn’t it?

Darcie has had a horrendous cold for the past couple of weeks, it hit us all on Christmas Day and while me and Dan recovered pretty quickly it has really persevered with Darcie. She’s had a cough with it that keeps her awake at night, it’s an awful cough that sounds like she is choking which once you have heard once makes you scared to go back to sleep. During the day I have had a tired and grouchy baby and for the first time ever have felt slightly envious of Dan swanning off to work every day. We’ve been so lucky that Darcie made it to 6 months without even a sniffle so this cough and cold has seemed even worse as we just aren’t used to caring for an ill baby. Every cough and splutter breaks my heart. I just want to take it away and be ill for her, it must be so horrible to feel poorly one day and not know why or that it will eventually go away. She has kept her spirits up despite feeling unwell but she hasn’t been herself and there have been really sad moments most days where she just looks so sorry for herself and cuddles into me for comfort only to start crying because her nose is so blocked it stops her from drifting off.

Being first time parents she has had two trips to the Doctor this week, the first was an out of hours clinic on the bank holiday and then when she seemed worse later that day I promised Dan I would take her to our local surgery the next day just to double check she was okay. Of course the second doctor told me the exact same thing as the first but it did put my mind at rest that there was nothing more sinister going on.

She has been steadily getting better but for the latter half of today she has been crying and whimpering constantly which is so unlike her. I suppose the lack of sleep is catching up with her and although she is nearly better she just isn’t quite there yet. I’m also suspicious that there could be another tooth on the way which probably isn’t helping!

I’ve got a migraine coming and am drained from the past couple of weeks so I have all my fingers crossed that when I put her down for the night I won’t have to run back upstairs after half an hour as has been the case every night for what feels like forever.

We all have difficult Mummy days sometimes, I’m just grateful that this isn’t the norm and that most of the time I have a healthy happy baby girl and I can’t wait to have my cheeky little monkey back.

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