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DIY Flower Letter

I’ve seen these giant flower letter on Pinterest nurseries and on sale on Etsy but it looked simple enough so I decided to make my own.

All you need for this DIY is:
A cardboard box or piece of cardboard big enough for the letter you want to make.
Glue gun
Artificial flowers  (more…)

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Slow Down, Baby Girl

You are only nearly nine months old and yet already I have a bittersweet taste of your growing up. You are growing in independence and confidence each day which is so amazing and exactly what I wanted for you but I can’t help but long for the newborn bundle who needed me so strongly. I carried you with me for 9 months and now you sleep in your own room at night. I nursed you for 6 months and now you love to tuck into cheesy spaghetti and juicy tomatoes. (more…)

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The Baby Blues

Before I had a baby the term ‘baby blues’ had a very different meaning to me than it does now. ‘Baby blues’ used to just conjure up an image like this:


But since giving birth and experiencing the surreal craziness of post partum life, it has a completely different meaning to me now. (Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous my daughter is!) (more…)

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Little Ways to Make Mum Life Easier

Being a Mum is hard work; emotionally, mentally and physically. You definitely learn a lot when you become a Mum, you learn how to survive on little to no sleep, you learn how to do everything one-handed while holding a baby that is trying to rip out your hair and you learn how to get things done quicker and more efficiently so that once the baby is asleep you can drown yourself in white wine spritzers rather than still be running around like a madwoman. (more…)

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