100 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

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Yep, you read that right, I have compiled a list of a hundred of my favourite Elf on the Shelf ideas! I’m not going to ramble on introducing this post because there is enough to be getting on with. So here goes…

Elf’s Arrival
Elf arrives on a parachute
Elf arrives with a note from Santa
Elf arrives on the doorstep with a big Christmas hamper for the family
Elf brings the advent calendars
Elf has put up the Christmas tree
Elf arrives on a hot air balloon
Elf arrives on the kitchen table and has written ‘Did you miss me?’ in Cheerios/Smarties
Elf arrives with a little suitcase
Elf is on the outside of the window and has written ‘help I’m locked out’ in the condensation
Elf is perched in the Christmas Wreath

Naughty Elf
Elf sliding down the banisters
Elf has made a snow angel on the kitchen floor
Elf has wrapped the Christmas tree in toilet roll
Elf has drawn moustaches and glasses on the family photo in the frame
Elf has opened the advent calender
Elf is swinging from the light shade
Elf takes the decorations off the Christmas tree
Elf has found a lipstick and left a message on the mirror
Elf is swinging from the fairy lights
Elf has emptied the piggy bank
Elf has sprayed shaving foam/whipped cream all over the kitchen
Elf has found the reward stickers and covered himself in them
Elf has hidden candy canes all around the house for the kids to find
Elf has replaced all the photos around the house with pictures of himself

Nice Elf
Elf is reading a book to cuddly toys
Elf has made cupcakes for the kids
Elf has written a note suggesting a good deed for the day
Elf brings presents for the kids
Elf gets everything ready to make hot chocolates
Elf has got out the craft box to make Christmas cards for the family
Elf is doing the kids homework
Elf has written a nice message using the fridge magnets
Elf is ‘feeding the ducks’ (rubber ducks in bowl of water)
Elf has organised all the books on the shelf

Helpful Elf
Elf gets out a box for old toys to make room for new toys at Christmas
Elf has set the table for breakfast
Elf has packed lunches for school
Elf has made the morning coffee
Elf is doing the laundry
Elf encourages the kids to brush their teeth
Elf has laid out the school uniform
Elf has packed the changing bag/school bag
Elf is doing the washing up

Creative Elf
Elf has drawn funny faces on all the fruit in the fruit bowl
Elf has made a Christmas paper chain
Elf has made paper snowflakes and hung them around the house
Elf has done a drawing for the kids
Elf is making paper aeroplanes
Elf is playing a musical instrument
Elf has set up a treasure hunt
Elf has made a swing out of a toilet roll
Elf is knitting a jumper but he’s tangled in the wool
Elf has made a tree-house in the Christmas tree
Elf has made little Christmas hats for all the other toys
Elf is using the sewing machine to make a new oufit

Greedy Elf
Elf has found the chocolate, surrounded by wrappers with chocolate round his mouth
Elf has helped himself to some toast
Elf has got into the fridge and is helping himself to the food
Elf has got stuck head first in a jar of cookies
Elf is drinking syrup through a straw
Elf is toasting marshmallows over a candle
Elf has been in the jar of Nutella
Elf is in the breakfast cereal
Elf has written a shopping list for chocolate, sweets and ice cream
Elf and the other toys are having a tea party

Funny Elf
Elf is ‘fishing’ for toys in the bath
Elf has had a late night and fallen asleep on the sofa with the remote control in a bucket of popcorn
Elf has made a zip wire across the house
Elf has been playing fancy dress
Elf is riding on a toy train/bus
Elf is hiding in the dolls house
Elf is taking a selfie
Elf is working on the computer
Elf is doing morning yoga
Elf is stuck in a spiders web
Elf is having a marshmallow bath in the sink
Elf has toilet papered a room and is stuck in the roll
Elf has stuck googly eyes on all the eggs
Elf is using a toy digger to move the cat food
Elf has used a toy fire engine to climb the Christmas tree
Elf has made a ‘shoe train’
Elf has made a ball pit using pom poms and cotton wool
Elf is going down the stairs trapped in a slinky
Elf is waiting for a bath with a mini towel and head towel
Elf is rowing in the sink
Elf has done his make up

Elf and friends
Elf is sharing a drink with another toy, they both have straws in a little cup
Elf is being held hostage by the other toys, he’s taped to the wall and they are surrounding him
Elf and Barbie are going for a ride in her car
Elf is playing board games with the other toys
Elf and the other toys are having a snowball fight (marshmallows, cotton balls, sugar cubes)
Elf is riding a toy animal/dinosaur
Elf is taking a toy animal for a walk
Elf and the other toys are racing cars
Elf and the other toys have had a silly string fight
Elf and the other toys are having a sack race using brown paper bags
Elf has been frozen into an ice cube by Elsa
Elf has found a toy stethoscope and is playing Doctors
Elf and the other toys have built a snowman out of marshmallows
Elf has been tied to the train track by the other toys

What are your favourite Elf on the Shelf ideas?



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