Dreamy Babymoon Destinations

abdomen-baby-beach-161569.jpgAs you will definitely have gathered by now, Dan and I are expecting our second child! As the countdown to the 24th June begins, I can’t help but sit back and dream about all of the babymoon destinations that I would love to visit. We had a babymoon when I was pregnant with Darcie but it seems so much harder to achieve when we now also have a toddler to consider! However, there are some absolutely beautiful destinations for a babymoon and I thought I would share them with you here.

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How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep During Pregnancy

I’d like to start this post with a disclaimer. These tips are probably only really going to be helpful to you if you don’t already have a sleepless toddler who likes to clamber into bed with you at 1am. If this is your first baby, then hopefully these tips will help you. If this is your second, then maybe consider palming the toddler off on a friendly relative before you even start kidding yourself that you’re going to get a good night’s sleep! Continue reading “How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep During Pregnancy”


Family Holidays In Canada

Here’s a little known fact for you! Dan and I were seriously considering emigrating before we found out that we were expecting our very own little bundle of joy! Canada was one of the top places we were thinking about and so whenever I think about family holidays I would love to take, it always features highly on the list! Canada has to be one of the most ideal places to take a family holiday because it has so much to appeal to the whole family. From awe-inspiring waterfalls to wildlife-packed zoos and thrilling theme parks there is absolutely something for everyone in Canada and I really hope to visit one day!

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Giving Your Home A New Spring Vibe

We’ve lived in many houses over the years and so I’m well acquainted with some of the problems that houses can develop as they get older. Once you’ve bought your home (as we hope to within the next few years!) you aren’t going to want to sell up simply because your house has lost it’s sparkle, not to mention that it would be hard to sell in those circumstances too! So, before you consider moving somewhere new, you might want to try giving your current home another chance. Perhaps it just needs a new look. After all, if you have space in your home then you have the potential for change. You just need to rethink the design of your household and make some improvements in a practical sense. What your home needs is a new vibe, and hopefully this post will help you achieve that!

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My Maternity Photo Shoot with Rebecca Frost Photography & An Exclusive Discount

Little Snippets-120.jpg

One of my biggest regrets about my first pregnancy is not having any maternity photos taken. I seriously have hardly any photos of me when I was pregnant with Darcie, and the ones that do exist – I really don’t like. I have a few quick snaps from my baby shower or family gatherings, where the angle is all wrong and I just don’t like the way I look in them. I struggle a lot with body image during pregnancy and so I knew that having some nice photos taken during this pregnancy would really help me to feel good about my changing body. I am actually planning a whole post on the subject of body positivity during pregnancy so I’ll save that ramble for another day and for now just tell you all about the lovely experience I had on my maternity photo shoot with the lovely Becky of Rebecca Frost Photography.

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Dear Darcie, Welcome To Spring

Dear Darcie,

Spring seems to be giving us the slip so far this year. We’ve been cooped up because of the bad weather and I know we are both ready for adventures in the sun now. Splashing in the puddles will always be fun, and sledging will hopefully be something we can do again next Winter, but for now I’m ready to say Goodbye to winter coats and drizzly days. Last Summer was when you first starting walking and it was amazing for you to be able to explore and have adventures using your new skill. This year will be even better, you’re not just walking now, you’re running, spinning, jumping and dancing. You love to be outside in the fresh air so I just know that Spring and Summer are the seasons for you.
Welcome to Spring, baby girl.

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Practical Ways To Find Confidence in Driving

pexels-photo-210053.jpegI’ve talked at length about my fears of driving and how this can affect my every day life. I so badly wish that driving came naturally to me and that this fear didn’t take over every I get behind the wheel of a car. One of the most important things when gaining confidence as a new driver is to have faith in your car and to be up to date with all of it’s maintenance. We recently bought a new car and knowing that it hasn’t been ragged around by a previous owner certainly gives me peace of mind, but of course it’s important that we now  keep the car in great condition too. I’ve put together a list of practical things you can do to make sure your car is in great condition so you have one less thing to worry about when you’re out and about.

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5 Apps To Save You Money

ballpen-cellphone-close-up-843266.jpgI know it’s not just me who is always looking for ways to save money. I know this because whenever I post about saving money or living frugally, my stats go through the roof. We live in such an expensive world, sometimes it feels expensive to simply live let alone to splash out for luxuries. It’s too easy to ‘pop into Sainsburies’ and come out £50 poorer and a family day trip these days can set you back well over £100. Months go by and you’re left wondering where on earth all your hard earned money has run off to. With this in mind I decided to put together a list of apps that can actually save you money, one of them can even save you money on that extortionate phone bill you pay out for every month.

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Easter at the Farm

I’m sure Easter is becoming a bigger celebration nationwide each year. This year I’ve seen people going all out with Easter Baskets, extravagant egg hunts and even Easter Trees. Easter traditions are becoming as popular as Christmas ones and while I’m definitely not an Easter Scrooge, I also certainly couldn’t be bothered to go all out in the same way that some people have. (That’s no shade on those that do, I just don’t have the energy this year!). We kept Easter quite low key, of course we got Darcie (and ourselves) a few Easter treats and I cooked us a roast dinner for lunch. But the highlight of the day for me was taking Darcie to a little Easter Egg Hunt at our local farm.

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