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If you surveyed a bunch of mums and asked them what they would like most in the world right now, I can guarantee you that the majority of them would wistfully say a Spa Day and then laugh to themselves because, you know, how often do us mums actually get to treat ourselves to that extent? I’ve been longing for a Spa Day since before my daughter was born, nearly two whole years ago, but I’ve never actually managed to find the time to give myself that break and take a day to relax. When Carey’s Manor offered myself and a friend the chance to review the facilities and have a ‘Mums Day Off’, we of course jumped at the chance! After a lot of back and forth we eventually managed to find a day we could both do, when the children would be looked after and we could head off to the Spa and give ourselves the relaxing day that we both needed!

Carey’s Manor is set in the heart of the beautiful New Forest and is not only a luxurious hotel but also home to a SenSpa. SenSpa is an authentic Thai Spa with extensive 5* facilities and a focus on holistic wellness. When I say ‘extensive facilities’ I mean extensive facilities! I’ve been to a few Spas before but none that have had such a wide range of facilites. There was a herbal sauna, a crystal steam room, a tepidarium and also an ice room, to name just a few! We left feeling truly pampered from head to toe and my skin felt amazing for days.

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When we arrived we were shown to a gorgeous reception area where we were told all about the facilities and what was included in our package which was the Essence of SenSpa Day. Our day included unlimited use of the SenSpa facilities, a choice of classes, a light breakfast, herbal tea throughout the day and also a two course Thai Lunch at the Zen Garden Restaurant. I was also kindly booked in for a pregnancy massage that wouldn’t usually be included in the package.

We headed straight off to breakfast where they had a delicious buffet style feast set up. It was advertised as being a ‘light breakfast’ but that certainly depends a lot on your self control around the buffet. There was everything you could ask for from croissants and muffins to fresh watermelon and yoghurt with oats and chia seeds. We both enjoyed a selection of the foods and a fresh pot of coffee before deciding that we would rather skip the classes and go straight to the amazing Spa facilities. I’m sure the classes would have been fantastic but we were in the mood for total relaxation and basically quite keen to ‘do nothing’. In the changing rooms we each had a locker which contained a Spa robe and some comfy (but rather Croc-like!) shoes for wearing around the Spa. Once I’d wriggled myself into my swimming costume, not an easy feat at seven months pregnant, we went back downstairs to explore the facilities.

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When you first enter the Spa area there is a Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room and some pool loungers around the pool. The double doors look out onto a beautiful garden area which I expect would have been even more lovely on a sunny day. This area was so calm and peaceful and you could happily spend a day relaxing just in this part. We then noticed a door that leads off from this area and after swiping our wrist bands, the door opened and it was like we had entered another world. The first thing you see is the state of the art hydrotherapy pool with underwater loungers and stunning leafy plants all around. The whole area smells amazing which is probably due to the crystal steam rooms and herbal saunas that lead off from the main area. We spent the next couple of hours making our way around all these amazing different rooms, each one had a unique purpose designed to improve your health and well being. One of our favourites was the Ice Room which was so refreshing after the warmth of the other rooms and although the ice was a shock to the system, it leaves you feeling so refreshed. (It is worth me saying at this point that if you are going to a Spa whilst pregnant it is important to listen to your body and not spend too long in any Sauna or Steam Room that causes your body temperature to rise too high!)

We then had our lunch in the Zen Garden Restaurant where we ate some of the most wonderful Thai food I have ever tasted. The dishes were so full of flavour and the portion size was perfect, just enough to be satisfied and without feeling uncomfortably full. The atmosphere in the restaurant was so relaxing, everyone ate in their Spa robes and the staff were so accommodating and calm, it was like a continuation of being in the spa itself.

After lunch we headed back to the Spa and spent an hour or so lazing around in the pool and dipping in and out of the different treatment rooms. I then headed off for my pregnancy massage. My massage lasted an hour and was without a doubt the most relaxing hour I’ve had in nearly the last three years. I never take time for myself to just relax. Even when Darcie naps I can’t just sit down and put my feet up, I will always be busy ticking things off my to do list until the tiny dictator is awake again. Lying on that massage bed forced me to relax for the first time in forever and even though at first I was still mentally making lists, contemplating what to make for dinner and going over my plans for decorating the nursery etc. after a little while I managed to switch off. The massage was a full body massage, throughout which she made sure my bump and I were comfy with pillows. I’ve only ever had a professional back massage before so this was a new experience and one that I thoroughly enjoyed!

Carey’s Manor offer a vast array of different Spa packages from Mum To Be to a Spa day specifically designed for men. They also offer any and every treatment you could wish for, including Rhassoul Mud Treatment which I would love to go back and try one day. I can’t fault any part of our day, I only wish that it could become a weekly event! Thank you to Carey’s Manor for offering us this amazing experience to take time out of our busy lives as mums and enjoy quality time relaxing and focusing on ourselves. I highly recommend Carey’s Manor SenSpa to anyone looking for a perfect relaxing break, especially to any mums or mums to be who just need some time out.

*We were kindly gifted the Spa Day in exchange for a review but all opinions are my own. Carey’s Manor do not allow photography inside the Spa and so the photos of the facilities in this post are not my own.

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