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March 24, 2019

~ written in collaboration with Emily J. Clarke ~

As I’ve shared with you all here before, my style of travelling has significantly shifted since becoming a mum. Dan and I used to love backpacking and being flexible in our travel, and now we look for destinations that are uniquely special (and possible!) for family travel. So I thought I’d share with you all our family travel wishlist – the Italy edition!

Italy has always stood out to me as a destination for a holiday, both with and without having the kids along for the trip! But for travelling with the little ones, I know that it is a country we would all enjoy. There are a number of reasons:

One – It is so easy and actually affordable to get to! There are airports throughout Italy in the main cities, such as Rome, Venice and Milan as well as the smaller cities, such as Naples, Florence, and Palermo. Anything that makes the travelling side of a holiday easier is a win in my books!

Two – The Italian culture is so open, welcoming and friendly. Italians are big on family and I feel like that would mean that children are generally just more welcome than in some other cultures and countries where that value isn’t as strong. Getting a highchair for the table, for example, would be a natural thing to do!

Three – The food is just incredible. Dan and I love Italian food. And when Darcie (and later Ernest) are eating more ‘big-kid’ foods, I know that even if they have a picky moment, they will be happy selecting from yummy Italian dishes. Pizza and pasta always go down well in our house!

Four – There is always something to do and you can do as much as you want. Planning some activities will always be apart of my travel style, as well as Dan’s, and I love that everywhere in Italy, there will always be something to see and do. And for when the kids are just tired and need to rest, you can spend time and enjoy yourself on the seaside, in the countryside, in a piazza with a coffee in hand or really anywhere. Bonus: no matter where you are, it will be beautiful!

Here are three destinations in Italy that have particularly stood out to me.


The island of Sicily is unlike anywhere else in the world, let alone anywhere in Italy. It has a rich culture, unique food, and 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. On my list of things to do with my family in Sicily are: go for a picnic on Mount Etna, visit the town of Taormina, and see a traditional puppet show in with the kids at Il Piccolo Teatro dei Pupi in Syracuse.

Child friendly accommodation is not only easy to find in Sicily, it is also just dreamy. A lot of people recommend renting a holiday beach villa, which sounds like absolute heaven. There are online tools like Wishsicily, for example, that can make finding the perfect one easy and stress free. This way, you can enjoy the seaside but also have privacy, space, and freedom with the kids. Plus, it is actually surprisingly affordable, often times more so than other types of accommodation.


Umbria is the region known as the ‘Green Heart of Italy’ and is located right next to Tuscany. With a quieter setting and the beautiful rolling hills with villages nestled in between, Umbria sounds like a place where my kids can run wild to their hearts content and Dan and I can relax. The city of Orvieto, situated on a tuff cliff, is a must while in Umbria!

Naples & Amalfi Coast

When I think of Naples, I think of the classic Naples-style pizza with as many dreamy toppings as a girl could wish for. I’d love to explore this part of Italy with my family, spend a day over at Pompeii, then make our way to the Amalfi Coast. The Amalfi Coast is famous for its coastline and picturesque villages, and is at the top of my list. I would love to take a boat out and get a view of the coast from the water and Dan would be in his element trying all the fresh seafood.

Everything about Italy makes me want to visit. It’s one of those countries you could keep going back to and having totally different holidays depending which region you visit.

Can we book a flight now?

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