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Top Four Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Summer

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Summer is just around the corner, and there’s no better time to start thinking about ways to give your home a summer-ready update. Summer is the perfect time to open the windows wide, dust off your patio set, and enjoy your home comforts with a little added warmth and sunshine. Be sure to follow these top tips for a refreshed summer home this year.

De-clutter and clean

De-cluttering your home is a crucial first step in getting your home summer ready. Think of your home as a blank canvas, cleaning it and tidying up will get the space ready for any new renovations or decoration you plan to do. Grab some of your favourite cleaning products, channel the energy of Marie Kondo and Mrs Hinch, and get to work! Throw out any old clutter that you no longer need — summer is a fresh start to rid yourself of old items you’ve been hoarding throughout the Winter. Once you’ve tidied everything away, give your whole house a deep clean until it’s sparkling and ready for the season ahead.


If you truly want a summer-ready home, you may need to think about re-painting your walls. Dark shades of paint and dull, garish wallpaper might work for Winter but won’t do you any favours during the Summer months. Instead, opt for lighter shades like white, pale blue, or pastel hues. Take inspiration from other people’s homes by browsing Pinterest or interior blogs. You could even look at the decor chosen by property investment companies for their buy to let properties. RW Invest is a good example, with a range of properties showcased on their website which include stylish and minimal decor, perfectly fitting the Summer seasons. These companies recognise the appeal of this type of neutral decor, understanding how it
can work throughout all the seasons.


Those warm and thick rugs that kept you cosy throughout Winter can be packed away. Summer is also about keeping your home cool during the warmer months. Items and accessories like rugs, thick curtains, fluffy throws, and cushions which are perfect for Winter might create the opposite effect in your Summer home. Switch thick rugs for more lightweight styles like a jute rug, and swap curtains in warm material for sheer styles that let lots of light in. You can still accessorise with cushions and other furnishings but opt for cooler materials and bright, colourful designs to breathe new life into each room.

Update your garden

Okay, so in the UK, summer might not be as simple as blue skies everyday and sweltering hot weather all season long. For those rare hot and sunny days and nights we do get, however, you’ll want to take advantage of the good weather. Whether you have a spacious garden or a small terrace, make sure your outdoor space is summer-ready. This means trimming any unruly bushes and grass, cleaning any old patio furniture, or even giving old brickwork a fresh lick of paint. Turn your garden into a sanctuary which you can enjoy with friends and family all summer long. You could even go the extra mile by hanging fairy lights for those long summer nights and planting some new seasonal flowers and plants.

Do you have any other ways you plan to update your home ready for Summer?

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