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There Is Nothing ‘Just’ About Being A Mum

There Is Nothing ‘Just’ About Being A Mum

Whenever anyone asks me what I do I say ‘Oh, I’m just a mum’. As if there needs to be more to it than that. As if being a mum isn’t a valid use of my time and energy. Why do I do it? I don’t know, but I do know that it’s not just me. I’ve heard countless other women say it too. So this is to all of them, to me, to you, to anyone who needs to know that there is nothing ‘just’ about motherhood –

There is nothing ‘just’ about childbirth. No matter how you did it, you brought life into this world. And that is incredible.

There is nothing ‘just’ about the love that you feel for that baby. The protective instinct that kicks in and tells you that you will do anything in your power to look after this tiny being.

There is nothing ‘just’ about feeding your baby from your sore swollen breasts. Persevering through bleeding nipples to make sure you keep sustaining and nourishing your child.

There is nothing ‘just’ about making bottles, washing, sterilising and measuring formula countless times a day.

There is nothing ‘just’ about seeing every hour of the night and day because your baby hasn’t learnt to sleep yet.

There is nothing ‘just’ about constantly having to justify and explain your decisions to everyone who has an opinion on parenting.

There is nothing ‘just’ about putting yourself last day in, day out.

There is nothing ‘just’ about your body changing and becoming unrecognisable to you.

There is nothing ‘just’ about learning to love this new version of you, who seems so far from the girl you once knew.

There is nothing ‘just’ about waking up every morning and getting everyone ready and out the door.

There is nothing ‘just’ about keeping a house running. Cleaning and tidying all hours of the day, only for nothing to ever actually stay that way.

There is nothing ‘just’ about putting yourself aside to make time for everyone else.

There is nothing ‘just’ about the guilt you feel as a mother, feeling like you’re somehow doing something wrong despite trying your absolute best,

There is nothing ‘just’ about carrying on everyday, despite being totally exhausted and with no break in sight.

There is nothing ‘just’ about the pride that you feel when your child learns a new skill, says a new word or shows kindness to others.

There is nothing ‘just’ about staying up all night with your toddler while they cough and cry into your shoulder.

There is nothing ‘just’ about how helpless you feel when there is nothing you can do to take away an illness or heal a wound.

There is nothing ‘just’ about the many hundreds of decisions you make on a daily basis, what to feed them, what to dress them in or where to take them – all to ‘just’ try and give them the best start in life.

There is nothing ‘just’ about telling your children they are beautiful and loved and so very wonderful, day in, day out. Even on the days when you don’t feel those things yourself.

There is nothing ‘just’ about sacrificing your career to stay at home with your babies.

There is nothing ‘just’ about not having that choice, or choosing to return to work for you, for your sanity.

There is nothing ‘just’ about the fear and worry you feel for your children. To have to let them go little by little, and see them become their own person who has their own life, not completely dependent on you anymore.

There is nothing ‘just’ about any of this.

There is nothing ‘just’ about motherhood. It’s the realest, most amazing, challenging, heart wrenching, heart bursting thing you will ever experience. You are not ‘just’ a mum. You’re a QUEEN.


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