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Finding The Positives

The situation we are currently in is undeniably horrendous on a global, national and personal level. I have to say that now because I don’t want anyone to think I’m trivialising any of this. (You can catch up on my mind dump from the other day by clicking here). I’m also well aware of how fortunate we are to be healthy and at home. However we all have bad days and one thing that is really keeping me going throughout this situation is finding some positives in it all. For me, for my family, and for how I hope life will be going forward. I want to write them down now so that I can look back on this list in the futures and remember that it wasn’t all bad, and so I can see if any of my hopes have been fulfilled.

So, here are some of my pandemic positives:

Family dinners at the table

One thing I have been loving about the last month is the amount of times we have all eaten dinner together as a family at the table. We’ve always been pretty awful at making this happen, but now Dan isn’t going to work we’re all out of excuses. We’re not eating the same foods but we’re eating together – baby steps! It’s been so lovely to have this time together every day and I really hope it is something we will carry on throughout this time and beyond.

Sibling time

Aside from school holidays in the future, I would imagine this is the longest and most intense time that Darcie and Ernie will ever have just with each other for company. I’d be lying if I said they didn’t bicker or argue (a lot) on a daily basis. However, it has also been amazing to see their relationship blossom in this time. They are playing together more than ever, which also has a lot to do with the ages they are both currently at I’m sure. I really hope they stay this close as they get older, seeing them have such a wonderful relationship, with all it’s ups and downs, is my absolute favourite thing about parenthood.

Skincare over make up

Don’t get me wrong I’m sure when we’re all allowed back out and about again, the make up will be back in full force. However, for now I’ve been really loving letting my skin breathe and getting into a really good skincare routine. Putting on make up feels a bit like a waste of make up (although it’s totally NOT if it makes YOU feel good – you do you!) but getting into good skincare habits and treating my skin well is great self care right now, and I hope I’ll keep up the effort even when life gets fuller again. I even picked up a Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set from Amazon and it’s such a relaxing way to start and end the day.

Daily walks

I LOVE our daily walks. Whether that’s getting out as a family or just walking by myself in the evenings listening to a podcast with my new Airpod dupes, I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated fresh air and that element of freedom so much. We haven’t all been getting out every day because I don’t want the fun of that to wear off for the kids while it is their only option of an outing, however on the days that we do it’s just so lovely. We tend to go in the evenings after dinner and it’s a great way of filling that bit of time, and I’m sure fresh air helps them sleep better. Equally I adore the time I get to go out by myself. I want to maintain taking a walk (just for the sake of a walk) everyday even once this is all over, it’s a really great habit to get into.

Being creative and resourceful

As a society we are so used to being able to do, have or buy exactly what we want, when we want – money dependent of course. And while Amazon is (thankfully!) still delivering, and we can still get hold of most of our usual foods, delivery times are slower and we’re making an effort to space out our food shops as much as we can. This means we’re getting more creative and resourceful with what we’re doing and the meals we are eating. I’m learning to make food go further and food waste has never been more out of the question. I really hope we can all keep up this mindset around waste and trying to buy less. We are used to consuming and buying far too much, and it will be good if we can reach a happy medium post-pandemic.

A slower way of life and appreciation for the small things

I know that any parent will understand what I mean when I say life still isn’t slow in any kind of a relaxing sense. But with things like school, preschool, play dates and appointments totally eliminated right now, life is definitely slower in a sense. And it’s really making me appreciate the small things, like the family dinners and the evening walks. We have no plans, nowhere to be, no one to see and it is really making me reevaluate life. I’m realising what I miss the most, and what I could actually quite happily carry on without once this is over.

A refreshed mindset

Following on from the appreciation I’m feeling for the small things, I’m also appreciating the fact that I am coping right now. Some days are so hard, but if you’d have told me a year ago that this would be happening and that we’d be doing okay, I’m not sure I would have believed you. When we have no choice but to face something, we just do it. We change, we grow, we adapt – we get on with it. The fear of change and the unknown holds us all back but seeing how capable we all actually are by just dealing with all of this, is really making me think about how much more we could do and achieve under normal circumstances.

The main thing I hope we can all take from this is a more appreciative and grateful view on life. Everyday I’ve been asking Darcie what she loved about today, and I’ve been thinking about it myself too. Gratitude really can do wonders for us all. I think we’ve all struggled mentally with lock down, it’s such an intense situation to be in. Which is why it’s also such a fantastic opportunity to pay more attention to our mental health and mindset as a whole. There’s never been a better time to look after ourselves. Whether that’s making an effort to eat more nutrient rich foods, or to invest in a great skincare routine, or to start practicing more gratitude for the things that we do have.

These are life skills, habits and ways of thinking that I don’t want to lose once this is all over.

(Equally we all need to do what we need to do to get by right now so if that means sitting on the sofa and eating biscuits then that’s fine too! That’s still self care if it’s what makes you feel good) We all have our own coping mechanisms, there is no right or wrong in this chartered territory.

I would love to know what positives you are taking from all of this. Let me know in the comments below!


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