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Toddler Crafts | Snow Scene Jar

This morning we made snow scene jars and Darcie enjoyed it so much that I thought I would share the idea on here too. I’ve seen pictures of similar jars on Pinterest but I’ve never seen it recommended as a toddler craft activity before. I love doing any crafts with Darcie but my favourite ones are definitely the ones that I end up wanting to display around the house. You could even use these jars as Christmas presents too, that’s how cute they look!

What You Will Need

The great thing about this activity is you can really use whatever you have to hand to make the jars the way you like them but the things you will definitely need are:

Glass Jars – any size or shape, you could use clear plastic tubs too.
Cotton Wool Balls
PVA Glue
Fake snowflakes

Things to make your Christmas scene such as:
Foliage – real or fake
Fake Berries
Any toy figures or vehicles. Whatever your child is into!

You can really let your imagination run wild for this and ask your toddler what they want to use too. I suggested using Darcie’s little plastic dinosaurs and she was horrified at the idea, so it’s probably better to run your ideas past them to avoid any tantrums!

Step One

Use your glue to stick a few cotton wool balls to the lid of the jar. Make sure you leave enough room around the edge to still be able to put the lid back onto the jar again at the end.

Step Two

Create your scene on top of the snowballs. Depending what you are using you can glue it all down, or if its a toy you’re going to want out again then just try to wedge it in somehow.

Step Three

Fill the jar with some of your snowflakes. Don’t be too stingy with them but also don’t use so many that they will totally hide your scene. This is the best bit for your toddler to do, you can always take some out at the end again if you need to.

Step Four

Carefully screw the lid onto the jar and then turn the jar so the lid is facing down and watch as your snowflakes fall down onto your Christmas scene

Et Voila!

You could also then decorate the outside of the jars too by adding ribbon, glitter glue, glass paint etc. If you’re feeling brave you could also add glitter into the jars with the fake snowflakes! Depending on how they turn out they could make lovely Christmas presents to give to relatives from the kids, I genuinely really like the look of ours and they sit nicely on the mantelpiece. I’ll definitely be keeping them to get out again next year too!

We also made a bigger snow scene using a large jar I have from Ikea that I sometimes use for candles. This jar doesn’t have a lid so it has a totally different look to it. You really can interpret this idea any way you like!

If you have a go at making your own, please tag me on Instagram – I’d love to see your creations!



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