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Honest Sleepyhead Grand Review
~ I was kindly gifted the Sleepyhead Grand for the purpose of this review ~

Honest Sleepyhead Grand Review

Sleep is hot topic among us parents, isn’t it? I’m pretty sure every parent has struggled with their child’s sleep at some point. Whether that’s just a difficult sleep regression or some harder, ongoing problems. I remember writing a post all about Darcie’s sleep when she was a baby, she was definitely a ‘below average’ sleeper and that’s putting it nicely! When Ernie was born he slept very well, so well in fact that I became almost quite smug about it. I felt like the universe had put me through my paces with sleep from my first child and now it was giving me a break – a child that slept! He was the total opposite to Darcie, perfectly happy to sleep in his Moses basket away from me and only woke once or twice a night for a feed, right from the word go. For the first four months of his life I would proudly tell anyone who would listen all about my amazing little sleeper, until that is, he stopped. My old friend the four month sleep regression clearly remembered how much fun we had had together the first time and decided to go in again for round two. Ernie was still happy enough to sleep in his own bed but not for any good length of time at all. The night feeds became more and more frequent and he would never wake up happy anymore as he had obviously woken before his body needed to. Slowly but surely I drifted into the life I knew so well of sleepless nights, and snappy, irritated days. (more…)

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My Hopes & Fears For Becoming A Mum Of Two | One Year On

When I became a mum for the first time, I was quite blissfully naive. None of my friends had children and while I knew that this would be a life changing thing, nothing could have prepared me for the total turnaround that my life was about to take. It took a lot of adjusting to really feel like I had found my feet as a mum and just when I got to that point – we decided to have another one! Second time around I knew more of what I was letting myself in for, I knew that my baby would cry (a lot) and I knew that they (probably) wouldn’t sleep very well. But the one thing that I felt completely ignorant to was just how life would be with two children. How would I cope at home with them both by myself? Would Darcie be mad at me for having another baby? Would they get on? The list went on! (more…)

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Girly Gift Guide For Three Year Olds

We recently celebrated Darcie’s third birthday. The fact that I am even having to write that on here shows how long I’ve been neglecting this space for – however, if you follow me on Instagram you would be more than aware of that fact (sorry again blog for the recent neglect). It can be really hard to know what to buy for birthdays, especially these days when the options seem endless. With that in mind I’ve put together a list of products that Darcie is loving at the moment in the hopes that it can be useful for anyone currently in a present buying panic. This was never intended to be a ‘girly’ gift guide however when I rounded it all up a strong unicorn/fairy/pink theme became apparent. (I don’t even know if you’re allowed to say girly these days, but it just seemed like the best way to sum it up. All of these items could be for boys or girls). (more…)

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To My Post Partum Body

To my postpartum body,

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for a lot of things but let’s start with this. I’m sorry because this letter started out from a negative place. This letter originated from negative feelings of dissatisfaction and resentment. There’s a lot of body positivity in the media¬† right now, which is wonderful. Especially for mums! Women all around the world are celebrating their stretch marks, ‘mum tums’, excess skin. And as much as I see these posts and think ‘good on you!’, I’ve just never been able to relate. It’s never come naturally to me to accept you, let alone to think about loving you. (more…)

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Gender Disappointment

This is almost certainly the most controversial post I have ever written and for that reason it has been tough to write. It’s been in my drafts for nearly a year now. I know exactly what I want to say but I worry about not articulating it properly, people reading it the wrong way and not doing to subject the justice that it deserves. I want to start by saying that I am writing this from a positive place, and the feelings that I will talk about in this post have now passed and I couldn’t be any more in love with my beautiful boy. He is everything I ever hoped for, and gender doesn’t come into that. (more…)

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Let me explain.

We took Darcie to a birthday party on Saturday. It was a princess party with an appearance from Cinderella herself. Darcie is princess obsessed at the moment and most days refuses to wear anything that isn’t one of her ‘princess dresses’. She had been excited for this party for weeks, from the moment the invitation came through the door, to getting dressed, wrapping the present and running down the road.

Until the moment we stepped inside the building. I felt little hands grab a tight hold of my leg and heard her quiet voice ‘mummy, I feel shy’. (more…)

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