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10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week 07.10.17

22196376_10155523597471501_9072863140020989402_n.jpgI’ve woken up in such a good mood this morning that I thought a nice thing to do would be to list some of the things that have made me happy this week. It’s been a hectic week but for a lot of good reasons and it’s nice to reflect on some of the really positive things in my life right now. So in no particular order here are ten things that made me happy this week: Continue reading “10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week 07.10.17”

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Happy Mummy Happy Baby


One of my favourite sayings I have heard since being a Mum is “Happy Mummy Happy Baby”. For the first few months of Darcie’s life I couldn’t quite work this one out, in those first months your babies needs are so high and you are so drained in every way that the priority really is just getting through each day and still be smiling at the end of it. I think in those early days it was hard to imagine being able to ever put myself first again but now 8 months on I am finally finding a balance that works for me. Continue reading “Happy Mummy Happy Baby”