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I Miss The Old Us

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I was reminiscing recently about mine and Dan’s interrailling trip around France a few years ago. This was a couple of years pre Darcie and our first backpacking adventure together. We were young, carefree and in cringe worthy love. I’d be lying to you and to myself if I said that I didn’t miss those days. Although at the time we had our own individual difficulties and stresses, looking back I now see that what we had was endless time for each other and for the things that we love, a significant amount of disposable income and basically not a care in the world. There were no responsibilities back then, no reason to worry about getting home late and nothing to stop us from doing exactly what we wanted, when we wanted. Continue reading “I Miss The Old Us”

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Dear Darcie, Welcome to Autumn

IMG_6391Dear Darcie,

I really think you’re going to love this time of year. Already we have been for so many puddle-splashing adventures and you’ve spent hours playing with sticks and acorns. I always want you to continue to find joy in every season. We’ve had a summer of hot sticky days; you’ve had your first ice cream and discovered how fun it is to play in the sand and run away from the cold British sea. Now it’s time for us to find new and exciting things to do in Autumn, it’s time for warm coats and pom pom hats and for us to enjoy this new season. Welcome to Autumn, Darcie May. Continue reading “Dear Darcie, Welcome to Autumn”

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Slow Down, Baby Girl

You are only nearly nine months old and yet already I have a bittersweet taste of your growing up. You are growing in independence and confidence each day which is so amazing and exactly what I wanted¬†for you but I can’t help but long for the newborn bundle who needed me so strongly. I carried you with me for 9 months and now you sleep in your own room at night. I nursed you for 6 months and now you love to tuck into cheesy spaghetti and juicy tomatoes. Continue reading “Slow Down, Baby Girl”