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I’m Hanna, I live in Southampton, Hampshire with my boyfriend Dan and our little girl Darcie May. Little Snippets began as ohlovelydaysblog.wordpress back in July 2016 as my space to write down my thoughts on Motherhood. I would write blog posts on my phone during those many, many night feeds and quickly grew to love my little corner of the internet, or my ‘therapist’ as I sometimes refer to it. As time went on and the night feeds became less frequent I began to carve out time in my busy days as a first time stay at home Mum to sit down at the computer and write. I realised people were actually reading my posts and so began to put more effort into writing them. Blogging has saved my sanity through Motherhood so far and I’m sure it will continue to do so. I find it the perfect excuse to sit down with a cup of tea (or glass of wine, depending on the day!) and collect my thoughts.

As my journey through Motherhood has gone on, both my child and my blog have grown and in so June 2017 I had a re brand. After many hours at the computer and much techy confusion on my part, ohlovelydaysblog.wordpress became littlesnippets.co.uk. I chose the name Little Snippets because my blog is just that. Here you will find Little Snippets of my life, the good, the bad and everything else in between. There are lifestyle posts on food and fitness but mainly posts on Motherhood and my musings on various topics such as breastfeeding and confidence as a new mum. I also have a series of Dear Darcie posts which I have written specifically for my daughter to read one day; I do love to get a bit soppy once in a while. There are also posts about family days out and reviews of products that we love. I hope that there is something for you to enjoy reading here and I always welcome any comments on my posts.

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I’m always happy to hear from readers, brands and PRs so if you fall into any of those categories please don’t hesitate to drop me an email at littlesnippetsblog@gmail.com


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