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Getting Productive | Acer Chromebook Review

I’ve been talking a lot about goals over the past few weeks. With the New Year upon us, we are all thinking of ways to better ourselves over the coming year. One of my major underlying goals is just to be more productive, to work smarter as well as harder and to basically just get more done in the day. That’s easier said that done for most of us, but throw two children under two and a half into the mix and it can seem next to impossible to imagine that ever becoming a reality. But being a busy mum is also what drives me and motivates me to achieve more and better myself. So that is what I have been trying to do! I strongly believe in not waiting for the New Year to action my goals and so with that in mind I have been finding ways to be more productive throughout the day. Continue reading “Getting Productive | Acer Chromebook Review”


I Won’t Wish It Away

There’s no denying that life with two young children is hard. As they get older I’m sure there will be new challenges, new daily battles, new things to worry and feel guilty for. But this phase right now must surely be the most relentless. This is the phase when my baby wakes like clockwork every time my head hits the pillow, wanting a feed. This is the phase when my toddler is trying to figure out the world, she wants to push boundaries, try new things, and there are a lot of lessons for us all to learn along the way. Life as a mum of two under three is not easy, it can be gruelling, exhausting, emotional and unforgiving. Nobody with young children could be blamed for occasionally longing for days years from now, when the kids are off at school, or away for the night at their friends houses, or even with their grandparents while mum and dad finally get a week away. To themselves. Continue reading “I Won’t Wish It Away”

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My Goals For 2019

If there’s one trait that I’ve developed over the past few years, it is my total love for setting goals. I’m a strong believer in the power of writing goals down and putting them out there for the universe. Last year I didn’t do this as a blog post, but I wrote down a few very specific goals in a notebook and kept referring back to them throughout the year to see how I was doing. And I’m happy to say that I achieved most of them! This year I am going to make myself even more accountable and share them with you all here. That way I’m even more likely to work towards them and hopefully in a years time I will be sitting here writing that I have checked them off. I recently got a phone case which has the phrase ‘Don’t Stop Until You Are Proud’ written on it, and that is basically what all of these goals amount to. I want 2019 to be the year that I can say that I am proud of all areas of my life. However, I think it’s important to be specific with goals and resolutions so I have split them down into categories and smaller aspirations which I will share with you now. Continue reading “My Goals For 2019”

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The Best Of 2018

Wow! Where to begin with 2018? It has been quite the year and I feel like a lot has happened for me and my family, which I am going to attempt to summarise in this post. I’m almost daunted by writing this post, as I know I will miss bits and fail to do other bits justice. But I have to try, so here we are! My best bits from 2018.

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Dressing For Christmas With Boots Mini Club | Review

There are so many wonderful elements to Christmas time; the food, the presents, the decorations and of course – the joy of a parent who finally has the opportunity to dress their baby up as Santa Claus. Don’t even pretend that it doesn’t make you ridiculously happy to put your children in adorable clothes at Christmas! Boots Mini Club have the most wonderful range this year and I’m going to share a few of my favourites with you here. There’s still plenty of time to get your little one something special to wear for the big day!

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Humbug! The Hedgehog Who Couldn’t Sleep | Theatre Review

For as long as I can remember, the theatre has always been a huge part of my life. I’m a massive advocate for how beneficial being involved with the theatre can be for people of all ages and so it’s something I’m definitely keen to encourage for my both my children. Whether they grow up simply enjoying visiting the theatre and watching performances or whether they become more involved and on the stage themselves, I really hope it is a part of their lives the way it has been of mine. With that in mind, you can imagine how delighted I was when we were invited along to The NST City Studio to see their opening performance of Humbug! The Hedgehog Who Couldn’t Sleep. The production is aimed at 2-5 year olds but all the family is welcome so we all went along together, bringing Ernie (5 months old) along too. Continue reading “Humbug! The Hedgehog Who Couldn’t Sleep | Theatre Review”

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Babystyle Hybrid Tandem | Review

Oh the wonderful world of prams. Choosing a pram can be an absolute minefield, can’t it? It’s hard enough picking a pram for your first baby, but then baby number two comes along, bringing with them a whole new load of pushchair related confusion. I’d originally hoped that we would be able to get by without a double pram but with Darcie still regularly napping during the day time, it quickly became clear that a double pram was exactly what we needed. One of my main dilemmas was whether or not we should get a double (side by side) or tandem (one up, one down). After purchasing a side by side, I was also then sent the Babystyle Hybrid Tandem to try out for the purposes of this review. So I’m pleased to say I can now give you my informed opinions on the whole double pram conundrum and all of my thoughts on the Babystyle Hybrid Tandem. Continue reading “Babystyle Hybrid Tandem | Review”

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Toddler Crafts | Snow Scene Jar

This morning we made snow scene jars and Darcie enjoyed it so much that I thought I would share the idea on here too. I’ve seen pictures of similar jars on Pinterest but I’ve never seen it recommended as a toddler craft activity before. I love doing any crafts with Darcie but my favourite ones are definitely the ones that I end up wanting to display around the house. You could even use these jars as Christmas presents too, that’s how cute they look!

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Our Dining Room Renovation

I feel like this renovation has been such a long time coming. As I wrote last week in this post, since we converted our spare room to be Ernie’s nursery, our dining room had very much become the dumping ground of the house. It was trying to be a dining room, office, craft room and storage all at once, and frankly it wasn’t doing any of those things particularly well. It was always a mess and Darcie had also decided to add to the ambience of the room and do some of her own artwork on the walls. We decided enough was enough and it became our next project.

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Christmas At Keydell Nurseries

This year was the first year that we decided to take Darcie to a grotto to see Santa Claus. She’s seen him in passing before and once at a Christmas party when she was 6 months old, but we’ve never done the whole ‘grotto thing’  before. At two and a half years old and with a perfect understanding of Christmas and Santa, we decided it was time. I say ‘we’, but Dan is basically Scrooge so really it was just me that made that decision. And I have to say, I was excited! Probably more excited than some of the children going to see him themselves. Because I actually can’t remember ever going to a grotto when I was younger. Santa wasn’t a big part of my childhood, and while I definitely don’t begrudge my parents for that, it does make me even more excited to experience it all with my own children. Continue reading “Christmas At Keydell Nurseries”