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Ernie At Two Months Old

I’m late, oh I’m so late with this! Only his second ever update and I’m so late with it that I was torn whether or not just to leave it and wait for the three month update. But I would love to have a full set for the first year of his life, so here we are. He is now closer three months but I will write what I can remember from a couple of weeks ago with some mention of how he is doing now too! Continue reading “Ernie At Two Months Old”

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MyHummy Snoozy Review & Giveaway

‘How does he sleep?’ For some reason, once a baby is born this becomes the most important question on everyone’s mind. Quite possibly because newborns only really sleep and poo and no one wants to ask about the latter. It was a question I used to dread when Darcie was a newborn, I hated having to painfully admit that my baby would only ever settle on my chest and screamed to the high heavens if I so much as thought about putting her in her Moses Basket. But we’re not here to reminisce over those difficult times, we’re here to talk about Ernie’s sleep and most importantly, the wonderful invention that is the myHummy. Continue reading “MyHummy Snoozy Review & Giveaway”

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Budgeting For Christmas

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I know there will be eye rolls at the mention of the word ‘Christmas’ but let’s be honest, it pays to be prepared for the most expensive time of year. Although I haven’t quite started shopping for the big day, I have started to think of ways that we can start to save pennies in preparation for the multitude of things that I know I will get sucked into buying. Every year I leave it all too late and it turns into a big credit card job. But, with this being the first year that Darcie will properly enjoy the Christmas spirit, I want to make sure we can enjoy it all and eliminate the financial stress. So here are some of the things I’ve either started doing or will be doing as we get closer to the festive season. Continue reading “Budgeting For Christmas”

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Time, Please Slow Down

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We all know that once you have children ‘the days are long and the years are short’ but since becoming a mum of two, I feel that time has sped up even more. After seeing everyone’s back-to-school posts this September, it has dawned on me that in two short years it will be my turn to send Darcie off to school. We are more than half way through this glorious period in our lives, when we aren’t governed by school regulations, uniforms, the confines of travelling within the holidays or scraping money together for school trips. And I’m worried, I’m worried that I’m not making the most of this time we have together. I’m afraid that I could be doing more, showing her more, enjoying it more. Continue reading “Time, Please Slow Down”

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Thinking Ahead | How To Cope With Chickenpox

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Chickenpox is generally something you only face once as a parent and so I definitely think it’s good to be prepared for when your house is struck with the dreaded virus. When ViraSoothe offered to send me a chickenpox survival kit, I knew it would be a handy thing to have ready for when the inevitable happens. It’s also a great opportunity for me to share ideas with you all of how to cope when the time comes and what you could put in your own chickenpox survival kit. Continue reading “Thinking Ahead | How To Cope With Chickenpox”

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A Date At Turtle Bay

I’ve always been a big fan of Turtle Bay. As soon as one opened close to us, it became a favourite go-to place for cocktails with the girls. The decor and ambience are always spot on and the cocktails are always delicious. One thing I’d not ever really tried at Turtle Bay was the food, so I was delighted when we were invited to try out their new menu at the Winchester branch. I knew that if it lived up to the standard of everything else that I know and love about Turtle Bay then I wouldn’t be disappointed. It was also the perfect excuse for Dan and I to have some toddler free time together, to enjoy some adult conversation and hot food while Ernie napped in his pram and Darcie went to the aquarium with her Granny. Continue reading “A Date At Turtle Bay”

Dear Ernest

Dear Ernie

Dear Ernie,

You are eight weeks old and this is the first time I am writing to you since you have been born. These eight weeks have been a whirlwind; an amazing, breath taking whirlwind with you at the heart of it all. But throughout the flurry of visitors, your sister’s craziness and the inevitable daily debris left by two children, you – my beautiful boy – have been the calm amidst the storm.

Continue reading “Dear Ernie”

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Ernie’s Labour & Delivery Story

Please excuse the quality of some of the photos in this post, we filmed bits of my labour and so some pictures are screenshots of that footage. The lighting was kept dim too which reduced the quality some more.

Let me set the scene.

It’s the third of July 2018, we’re in the middle of one of the most severe heatwaves the UK has seen in years and I am nine days overdue. I’m hot, swollen and becoming increasingly annoyed by the poor time keeping skills of my second child. It had never occurred to me that Ernie would be later than Darcie was, if anything I was expecting him early and had therefore been on the edge of my seat since about 37 weeks pregnant. Five weeks later and I was beginning to lose my cool, literally. Continue reading “Ernie’s Labour & Delivery Story”

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Carriwell Seamless GelWire Nursing Bra Review

Boobs. Some people’s favourite subject but even though I own a perfectly good pair, it’s really not one of mine. I’ve always been quite ‘anti-boob’ (is that a thing?) and generally found them to be pretty annoying; they get in the way, don’t look how I want them to in certain outfits and worst of all is bra shopping! Trying to find the perfect bra that fits well, is comfortable and looks good has always been mission impossible to me. And pregnancy and breastfeeding has only made things worse! When Carriwell offered to send me the Seamless GelWire Nursing Bra to try out, a mixture of thoughts ran through my mind. The first was ‘thank god! I don’t have to physically go out and hunt for this bra!’ and the second was ‘but how on earth am I supposed to know which size I am?!’ After some careful consideration I chose my size and it turns out I needn’t have worried! It fits like an absolute dream and is honestly the most comfortable and supportive bra I’ve probably ever worn. I mentioned this bra in my post on Preparing for Postpartum & Breastfeeding | The Products but now that I have tested it out I thought it was time for a full review.

Continue reading “Carriwell Seamless GelWire Nursing Bra Review”

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27 Months | Is This As Hard As It Gets?

Because despite the title of this post, she is my beautiful girl

Recently I’ve been struggling with Darcie’s behaviour, so has Dan, and I’m sure that Darcie herself is struggling with it more than the rest of us put together. The only person who remains completely un-phased by it all is little Ernie snoozing away in his Moses Basket. He can sleep through the loudest shouts of ‘no’ and high pitched screeching known to man kind, he’s a modern day miracle really. Anyway that’s beside the point. The point is that things have been really difficult. Not all the time but just generally things are harder than they have been before. Don’t get me wrong we still have really good days and we have other days which are mostly good with just a smattering of toddler terror. And then we have the days which make me question literally everything I have ever done whilst raising her, trying to figure out at what point exactly I went wrong. Continue reading “27 Months | Is This As Hard As It Gets?”