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Our Newest Garden Addition | & Discount Code

In typical British weather style, as I am writing this post the rain is pouring down, but prior to whatever is going on today we have recently been blessed with the most beautiful weather. Summer finally arrived in the UK! And promptly disappeared again, but I’m not here to complain about the weather I promise! I am here to tell you all about our newest addition to the garden -the 2.4metre Hyvigor Inflatable Paddling Pool. (more…)

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Darcie’s Bedroom Details | Desenio Collaboration

If you have been following me on Instagram over the last couple of months, you will have seen that Darcie’s bedroom has had a serious makeover. It all started with an idea on a whim for a new bed for her. I was browsing Pinterest and saw some amazing beds with slides, showed Dan, and before you know it he had created a design and was on the way to B&Q for supplies. Things move quite quickly in this house when one of us has an idea, especially when it involves Dan getting to build something! (more…)

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How I Pick Myself Up When I’m Feeling Low

Self confidence has been a battle for my whole life. I used to say that it’s only been since becoming a mother, but actually I’ve always struggled to feel confident in myself. When I was younger there was a big pressure to fit in with everyone else, to have the right clothes and go to the right places. I don’t think I ever quite grasped it, but I found a lot of confidence when I entered the working world. I liked earning my own money and providing for myself, I liked having the freedom to be who I wanted. I was finally away from the restrictions¬† and pressures of school, college or university. And then motherhood hit me like a ton of bricks. Suddenly the financial independence was gone, my clothes didn’t fit and I didn’t have the time or the energy to do any of the things that made me feel good in myself. (more…)

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Finding The Positives

The situation we are currently in is undeniably horrendous on a global, national and personal level. I have to say that now because I don’t want anyone to think I’m trivialising any of this. (You can catch up on my mind dump from the other day by clicking here). I’m also well aware of how fortunate we are to be healthy and at home. However we all have bad days and one thing that is really keeping me going throughout this situation is finding some positives in it all. For me, for my family, and for how I hope life will be going forward. I want to write them down now so that I can look back on this list in the futures and remember that it wasn’t all bad, and so I can see if any of my hopes have been fulfilled. (more…)

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Parenting In A Pandemic

None of us expected to be parenting through a pandemic right now, or ever for that matter. It’s really not one of those things you ever think would happen and therefore it’s only natural that a lot of us are feeling quite far out of our comfort zone. Everyday we’re facing scary news headlines, worry for the health of our loved ones, missing our social interactions and a complete change to our routines. But on top of that we are also having to help our children through this. We have to try to explain to them why they can’t see their friends or their family, why they can’t go to school or the park and why everything has changed overnight. I know I’ve been worrying a lot about the effect this will have on them even once this is all over, Darcie is nearly four and very impressionable, so I’ve been thinking a lot about the best things to say to her about it all. The right things for her won’t be the right things for every child, because every child is different and therefore will be reacting to all of this differently. (more…)

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