10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week 22.03.20

Long time readers of this blog will remember the days when I used to manage to churn out one of these lists once a week. They’re some of my favourite posts to look back on but somehow I got out of the habit of writing them. In the light of everything that is going on right now, I have decided to bring them back. Because although these are very difficult times for all of us, there is still a lot to be happy about and thankful for. This week we’ve been in self isolation after returning from Spain and Ernie has got chicken pox, but there have still been countless things that have made me smile, and I want to record some of them here. So that I can look back at this bizarre period of time and remember the good bits, not just the news headlines. Here are ten things that have made me happy this week: (more…)

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What Mother’s Day Means To Me

Mother’s Day – I have to admit it’s one of my favourite days of the year. And not simply from a ‘everyone needs to buy me chocolate and treat me like a queen’ point of view, but more because it’s actually a day to celebrate what I would consider to be my greatest achievement in life – being a mother. And to also take the opportunity to celebrate other mothers around me. Because, let’s be honest, on a day to day basis it’s very easy to forget to celebrate all of the things that mothers do for everyone around them. I find myself so caught up in every day life that I hardly ever stop and realise quite how much I do for my children. At the end of the day I often wonder what I have actually achieved, but even on those days I’ve kept my babies alive, well and happy – which is a great achievement in itself! (more…)

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Why We Chose A Forest School & Our Experience So Far

Whenever I mention forest school, whether that be ‘in real life’ or online, I am always met with questions. ‘What do you mean they are outside all day?’ ‘What about when it rains?’ ‘Does she enjoy it?’ ‘Like seriously, outside all day?!‘ You can imagine! So I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while, in the hopes that it can be helpful to anyone considering a forest school setting for their child, or just to satisfy the curiosity of anyone else. Darcie has been going to forest school for four months now, and is a third of the way through her time there (sob!), so now seems like a good time to write this. We’re settled in, and we’ve basically got to grips with forest school life – by which I mean the mud – so here I am to spill the beans on what it’s really like to have a child at forest school. (more…)

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A Good Day

Things have been slowly improving since I wrote I’m Not Enjoying This Right Now, the main thing being that Ernie has started sleeping better (watch it all go wrong again now I’ve said that!). The 18 month sleep regression seems to slowly be leaving us, and I couldn’t be happier about it! Importantly, neither can Ernie. Lack of sleep effects us all, and although he was able to catch up with naps in the daytime, he really wasn’t his usual cheery self. We’re both happier for getting some sleep and even Darcie is benefiting as Ernie was often waking her up at around 5am which is much earlier than she would naturally wake up these days. (more…)

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Two New Toys For Ernie | Review

Ahh the second child! The impossibly hard to buy for child. Am I right? Anything Ernie could possibly want or need, we generally have already somewhere either in a toy box or stored ready and waiting for him in the garage. I’m sure this will change as he gets older and his own tastes and preferences start to develop more, but currently I really do find it an impossible task to choose him anything new. But I’m also very aware that although at 18 months old, Ernie couldn’t care less whether he is getting something new or a hand down from his sister, I don’t want Darcie to think the world totally revolves around her. She needs to know that her little brother deserves presents too. (more…)

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There Is Nothing ‘Just’ About Being A Mum

Whenever anyone asks me what I do I say ‘Oh, I’m just a mum’. As if there needs to be more to it than that. As if being a mum isn’t a valid use of my time and energy. Why do I do it? I don’t know, but I do know that it’s not just me. I’ve heard countless other women say it too. So this is to all of them, to me, to you, to anyone who needs to know that there is nothing ‘just’ about motherhood –


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