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My Daughter Has Magical Powers

We are walking down the road and Darcie, in all her nearly-two-year-old glory, is waving wildly at the traffic, saying ‘Car!’, ‘Car!’, ‘Van!’. To an outsider it could easily look like my toddler is simply excited to show off some new vocabulary. But to me, and to a handful of others, it looks very different. Darcie is using her magic powers to make the cars move. Obviously. She swipes some of them dramatically over her shoulder as they whizz past us and pushes others away from us using her magical hands, her magical gestures and her magical sound effects. To her, she is moving these cars and deciding which direction they go in, and she’s having the best time! Continue reading “My Daughter Has Magical Powers”

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How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep During Pregnancy

I’d like to start this post with a disclaimer. These tips are probably only really going to be helpful to you if you don’t already have a sleepless toddler who likes to clamber into bed with you at 1am. If this is your first baby, then hopefully these tips will help you. If this is your second, then maybe consider palming the toddler off on a friendly relative before you even start kidding yourself that you’re going to get a good night’s sleep! Continue reading “How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep During Pregnancy”

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Brunch at Lakaz Maman

Last Sunday I was lucky enough to be invited to try out the new Breakfast menu at Lakaz Maman in Southampton. Myself and a few other local bloggers all piled into this beautiful ‘home from home’ style restaurant and had a lovely morning tasting the new menu and enjoying the atmosphere. Lakaz Maman is a restaurant opened by Master Chef winner Shelina Permalloo who wanted to create a relaxed restaurant focusing on delicious Mauritian food and a homely atmosphere. I can definitively say she has achieved both of these things and I look forward to returning to Lakaz Maman soon.

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Life Goals

coffee-cup-stack-break.jpgI think it’s a common trait of our generation that we just LOVE setting goals. Whether that be small daily goals or big, ambitious life goals, it is a word that features frequently in our conversations. I try to set myself little daily or weekly goals which give me a good sense of accomplishment when I can tick them off my to do list and I also have a list of bigger goals that are always in the back of my mind. Things that I would really like to look back and think ‘Yes, I’m glad I did that!’ I’ve never actually made a physical list of these bigger goals and so I want to write them down now. This list has grown and changed throughout my life so far and I’m sure that it will continue to do so. But for now, in no particular order, these are my life goals.

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Pound Toy Review & Giveaway

I’m sure all of us parents are only too well aware of how much clutter our children accumulate. And I’m sure that we’re equally as well aware of how damn expensive all of this clutter can be! You know the scenario; you buy your child a toy that you think they will love and cherish for weeks (being optimistic!) but within half an hour it’s been discarded to the plastic graveyard and you’re left wondering why you even bothered. I recently discovered Pound Toy which, as the name suggests, sells toys at some real bargain prices. I actually found items on the website for less than a pound! That definitely makes it sting less when they get discarded after half an hour.  Continue reading “Pound Toy Review & Giveaway”

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Pink Blush Maternity Wear

If you pay attention to my blog posts you may have noticed a theme emerging recently; maternity clothes! I’ve been a woman on a mission to find the best maternity clothes to make me feel good and look good too. Having trawled the high street and been frankly unimpressed with most maternity ranges, I was pleased when I discovered Pink Blush. Pink Blush is an online boutique that sell the most gorgeous maternity clothes, from lounge wear to dresses, there really is something for everyone! I was offered to pick two items of clothing to feature on my blog and I honestly struggled so much to choose from the stunning selection that they sell. Continue reading “Pink Blush Maternity Wear”

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To My Mum on Mother’s Day

Dear Mum,

You’re not really one for big emotional outbursts so I hope that me writing this and showing it to the world won’t make you uncomfortable.
We don’t do these soppy moments often and so I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and to celebrate you as my mum. Because as you, and everyone who reads my blog will know, I am an emotional person and I like to have these outbursts from time to time. Continue reading “To My Mum on Mother’s Day”


‘You Can’t Go Wrong’ Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day seems to have sprung out of nowhere this year! I blame the snow for that as usually it feels much more spring like by this point in the year. Mother’s Day means all sort of things to different people. For some it is about celebrating their own Motherhood, for others it’s for their Mum and for some it is simply a day of celebrating the significant women in their life. Whatever Mother’s Day means to you, I’ve put together a gift guide that will hopefully include something for everyone’s tastes. I feel like most of these items are things you really can’t go wrong with, hence the name of the post! My own Mum is actually notoriously hard to buy for, and if I got her anything from this list, it almost certainly would go wrong. But if you have a Mum who is easy to buy for then this is the list for you!

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So, We Co Sleep Now?

Ahhh sleep. I honestly feel I could dedicate this whole blog to the subject of sleep and never run out of things to talk about. Don’t worry, I won’t do that, but you get my point! To put it nicely, we’ve been on a bit of a… journey with Darcie’s sleep recently. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen my daily rants on the subject over the last month or so, but up until this point I have kept it off the blog. I had this idea that I would just wait until all our problems were solved and then write a long post about it all. But the weeks keep going by, and the problems aren’t going, just changing. So I thought I would do a little update now, mainly because I just need to pen my thoughts to paper (obviously not literally, this is the 21st century duh!). Continue reading “So, We Co Sleep Now?”

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Dear Darcie, You Make Me Better

Today is International Women’s Day and I’ve been loving it. All day today I have seen inspiring messages from both men and women about women who inspire them, motivate them and educate them. I love that we have a day all about celebrating women and so I wanted to write a post of my own, to mark this day. Last year I wrote International Women’s Day// The Things I Want to Teach My Daughter and so this year I wanted to look at it from the other side. This is a letter to Darcie, my darling daughter. This is a thank you for all of the things that you have taught me and shown me so far in your little lifetime. Continue reading “Dear Darcie, You Make Me Better”