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Quitting Blogmas

pexels-photo-699372.jpegThe savvy amongst you may have noticed that my heart has not been in Blogmas lately. I’ve found myself with nothing to post and having to rack my brain for ideas just to quickly get something up that day. And so for this reason, I have decided to call it a day on Blogmas. I’ve always been a quitter, I write that with pride not shame as I firmly believe that if your heart isn’t in something or it isn’t making you happy, then it is time to walk away, to quit. I don’t want my blog to become a chore and just something to tick off my to do list. I want to keep it my hobby, my passion and so I won’t be forcing myself to write content just to fill the days and tick ‘Blogmas’ off my to do list.

People may not realise the time that goes into blogging, not only do I write the post, I then choose and edit photos and promote the post on social media. That’s not a complaint, I love doing all of those things but only when my heart is in it and I just can’t force myself to do it otherwise. Blogmas is all about Christmas and blogging throughout December but I’ve found that it is taking up too much time and energy and to be honest I think I’m burning out. We all have enough stress at this time of year so why am I adding unnecessary pressure on top of all that? I want to enjoy the rest of the Christmas run up without the pressure of having to get a post up every day, I want to spend my evenings wrapping presents, eating mince pies and making Dan watch Christmas films with me. So that is what I am going to do, and I’m going to spend my days giving Darcie all of my attention and energy and making memories with her.

The more time I put into my blog, the more time I spend on social media too. The hard thing about spending quite a lot of time on social media is that it becomes too easy to compare your life to others’. We are trying to have quite a frugal Christmas this year while we save for our mortgage and so seeing photos of other people’s extravagant Christmas preparations leaves me feeling disheartened and like I need to do more, give more, spend more. Like any parent, all I want is for Darcie to have the most magical Christmas and right now the best way for me to give that to her is to just be there for her. It doesn’t cost me anything to spend quality time with her and to give her all of my focus for the next few weeks. I also need to have some down time for me; I want to enter the New Year feeling refreshed and ready to go. So for now, this is me, granting myself a Christmas holiday and checking out of the Blogosphere. I’ll be back when I have something meaningful and heart felt to write and share with you all.

I hope everyone has a very happy Christmas, try to remember what is important and don’t stress the details.

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