Top Tips For Work From Home Mums

I love working from home. I will never stop feeling grateful for the fact that I can earn my living from the comfort of these four walls. It’s freeing and I feel incredibly lucky. But that doesn’t mean that it comes without it’s own struggles. When you are working from home, especially if you are self employed, you have to be able to motivate yourself, you have to learn to manage your time and you have to create boundaries that enable you to differentiate between work time and family time. I’ve been juggling this work from home life around the children for a few years now so I thought I would share some tips for anyone who might need them right now. (more…)

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Finding Your Style As A Mum

It’s easy to lose your sense of style when you become a mum. Being pregnant and breastfeeding both alter the types of clothes you can easily wear, and then when you aren’t pregnant anymore and your baby weans, a lot of us are left feeling a bit lost style-wise. In that time it is likely that fashions will have changed too, which can make it even harder to figure out what you want to wear and what suits you now. When Femme Luxe offered to send me some pieces, it felt like the perfect time to write this post and share some tips with you on how to find your style again after having children. (more…)

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