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I keep mentioning my new online venture on this blog and I do have a post in the works that will be a full introduction to the business and will also include an exciting giveaway. Although I have been trading for a few months already, It is all still very much a work in progress and one thing that I was still lacking was a logo to represent the brand. It was perfect timing when I was offered to try out LogoJoy’s¬†online logo creator and I have ended up with a logo that I am very happy with for my new business.

LogoJoy was so easy to use! It uses artificial intelligence to create a logo that it thinks you will like and then you are able to fully customise it afterwards too. It asks you a series of questions as to your business name and tag line, what colours you like, any symbols that you want to include and any existing logos that appeal to you. Then it comes up with a selection of templates for you to work from. You can then change the colours to the exact shades you like, mess around with the fonts and change the whole layout if you wish. I created my logo in no more than ten minutes and I honestly think it looks so professional and like something that I could have paid a graphic designer to create. For me, it was the perfect balance of the generator doing most of the work for me but also then having the freedom to customise it any way that I liked.

The logo generator is free to use and then if you like the finished product you can choose from a variety of priced packages to download. Depending on what package you choose you will have the logo in a variety of different formats and colour ways. I can’t recommend LogoJoy enough as it made a job that I would usually see as being quite tedious into a quick and easy process that I actually even enjoyed.

Now that I have my logo all sorted I’m even more excited to get the ball properly rolling with Little Dreamers Nursery Decor¬†and to create something special with it. Watch this space for the big reveal coming soon.


*this is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own. They asked me to include ‘warts and all’ but I honestly didn’t find any!

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