Sightings From November

December 14, 2017

You may remember that a few months ago I started doing monthly favourites posts, they were a good way to round up the month but the problem I found is actually having enough different things to put in the post each month. My lovely friend Caitylis has recently started a series on her blog which are posts called ‘Sightings From’ in which she puts her favourite photographs from the month and a little summary of how the month has been. She has invited other bloggers to join in with this and so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get back into doing a monthly round up post but in a more manageable style. I realise I’m a bit late with this as we are now nearly halfway through December but as I always say better late than never!

The month of November was a good one for us. It is the month in which Darcie’s speech really started to develop and every day we are seeing her little character emerge more and more. The month felt pretty festive, as soon as Halloween is over, for me Christmas begins. And so, we begun our festive activities such as baking ginger bread men, dancing to Christmas music, beginning our Christmas shopping and going to see the Coca Cola truck. Blogging took a slight back seat in November, after the craziness of Blogtober I allowed myself to take a break and only posted a few times throughout the month. Now I have embarked on Blogmas and am sure that January will be quiet as a result! It was also the month I officially went self employed as I am now earning a small income from both my Instagram shop selling dream catchers and this little blog of mine. It’s cringe worthy to say but I am so proud of myself for starting to make a bit of money from home to contribute to the family pot but in a way that doesn’t interfere with my time with Darcie.

We spent a lot of our days trying to make the most of the rapidly decreasing daylight hours by going out to parks, feeding the ducks and walking to see the horses. I’ve found it harder as the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder, to keep up the momentum of entertaining my extremely energetic and outdoors loving toddler. We always try to keep busy and I feel like November flew by and December is already doing the same but I’ll update you on that in next months post. So here are some of my favourite photos from November.



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