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pexels-photo-447570.jpegAlthough Father’s Day is a while away yet, gifts for men have been in my thoughts lately as we celebrated Dan’s Birthday last week. I’ve only recently become self employed and so having my ‘own’ money is very much a novelty to me at the moment. I was excited to finally treat Dan to a good present after a good couple of years of not really being able to do so. But the hard question was, as always, what to get? I’m sure men are just so much harder to buy for than women, that’s a huge generalisation I know, but I stand by it. I narrowed my options down to five items which I will list below for anybody else out there struggling to buy for the man in their life.

A New Suit

I’m sure that my man isn’t the only one who just loves to indulge in a new suit. I mean if anything is going to send a message to the universe that you are a successful businessman, then a suave new suit will surely be that thing! The only thing that put me off treating Dan to a new suit for his birthday was the sheer number of variables involved. All the different sizing options and colour choices could be quite risky decisions for an outside party to make. However, if you’re feeling ambitious then maybe consider this as an option to treat the dapper man in your life.

A Games Console

Spoiler alert: this was the option I went for in the end. If your man is someone who likes to switch off and play a bit of PlayStation or Xbox in his spare time, then consider upgrading his console or controller as a new treat. I’ll be honest, gaming goes totally over my head but with a fair bit of advice from some friends, who know more than I do about the gaming world, I managed to choose Dan a new PlayStation that he is going to love playing!

Whiskey & A Lordship

This one is pretty niche and basically requires your fella to have a love for whiskey and an unrequited ego. My man falls into both of those categories and so I’m certainly not ruling this out for future gift buying occasions. You can purchase certain whiskies that come with a square foot of land, or thereabouts, that therefore entitles you to become a Lord or Lady. This is a great novelty gift that I think 10% of the population would enjoy and the other 90% of us would think ‘but why?’. Definitely one to consider if whiskey is his tipple of choice.

A Trip Abroad

Bear with me, this isn’t as extravagant as it sounds. I actually did this for Dan as a surprise a few years ago. I managed to find some super cheap flights to Switzerland using the Sky Scanner App which meant we were able to have a day trip (!) to Switzerland for under 200 pounds, including spending money! We had around 10 hours there too as the flight is short and it was a brilliant surprise for Dan on the day as it would never have occurred to him that we would be leaving the country when he hadn’t even packed a bag! I was so tempted to do this again this year but decided the logistics could be a nightmare at such short notice now we have a toddler in tow too.

What are the best presents you’ve ever chosen for your other half? I ALWAYS need new ideas!

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