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Mum & Toddler Monthly Favourites // August

IMG_3705.JPGI published my Mum & Toddler Monthly Faves// July on the 8th of August so I’m doing marginally better this month (it’s the 6th today!). Maybe by Christmas I’ll get it out on time, or maybe I’ll just carry on in my usual disorganised way. I tend to ramble on a lot at the beginning of all my posts so I’m just going to jump straight into this one, starting with Darcie’s favourites.

When I first bought her wellies, she was less than impressed. We actually had the closest thing to a tantrum yet in the middle of Sainsbury’s and she point blank refused to walk in them. Two trips to the farm and countless time spent in the garden later and she loves them! And I love them because there is not part of me that cares even a tiny bit when they get wet and muddy, everyone’s a winner.

IMG_5444.JPGSplashing in puddles
Is there really anything like splashing in a puddle when you are one year old? I thought that life would be easier when she started walking, and it some ways it is, but it takes us so long to get anywhere when every puddle needs to be splashed in and every berry needs to be inspected to see if it’s worth eating (they aren’t!). Either way it’s all good fun, and now we’ve got those wellies she can splash away to her hearts content.

We’re lucky to live just down the road from a swimming pool, that is reasonably priced and with good opening hours, so I’ve been making a conscious effort to take her most weeks. She’s such a water baby and loves playing with all the toys in the kids pool and has learnt to launch herself into the pool for me to catch her. I’m still toying with the idea of getting her proper swimming lessons but I also think that the system we’ve got  at the moment is working quite well without paying out.

IMG_4169.JPGThe Garden
If you ever see my InstaStories you will know how much time we spend in the garden. We got her a sand and water table this month and she will spend so long outside playing with that and her sandpit. If it rains and we aren’t outside, she stands against the french windows and wails at me until I take her out. I also got her a rather fetching bright pink rain suit to go with her wellies so now we have no reason to ever stay indoors.

She’s always been a fantastic eater but a couple of months ago she started becoming more fussy with what she wanted to eat. She has clear favourites and she knows that if she rejects whatever I’ve made her I will most likely bring out something else for her instead. Her teeth have been hurting her as well which hasn’t helped, but over the last couple of weeks she has improved greatly. She is back to eating most things and will at least try everything that I put in front of her. The one that really baffled me was when she threw her entire roast dinner on the floor, but when I tried her on it again last weekend she ate almost the entire lot which was such a relief!

Some of my favourites for this month include:

St Tropez Gradual Tanner
The last few years of my life have basically been a long succession of one fake tan disaster after another. I’m naturally pale and have never found a fake tan that doesn’t make me either orange or streaky. I finally gave in to trying one with a slightly higher price tag and seriously wish I’d tried this years ago. I’ve actually had complements on my tan for the first time every and am very happy being just that little bit more bronzed than usual.

Pink In The Park Nail varnish
A pale nail colour always makes your tan look better too and I’ve been loving this one. I’ve had it for years but really got out of the habit of painting my nails when I became a Mum. I’ve been loving feeling a bit more put together again (you can read my post on Being Me, Being Mum for m ore on that)as I’ve always loved having painted nails. I think I once went about four years of never having natural nails!

IMG_4205.JPGShorter Hair
I finally bit the bullet and went for the chop. I feel about ten pounds lighter and it is so much easier to maintain now. It had got to the point where my hair was even in the way when it was up in a ponytail and every bath time would result in my ponytail having a good dunking. It was so impractical and I feel much happier with my short hair. Darcie had a pretend hair cut after I had mine done to get her used to the idea of having hers done in the near future, she sat so still and just totally melted my heart as usual.

Lana Del Rey
I used to be such a fan of Lana Del Rey, but after losing all my music on my phone a couple of years ago I somehow managed to forget all about her music. I’ve been loving rediscovering all my old favourite and some new ones on Spotify recently. I must have played Lust For Life about a hundred times over the last week alone.

My Blog
I’m really enjoying putting more time and effort into my blog. I want to make it something to be proud of and have been dipping my toe more into the techy side of it too. I’ve been planning some Autumn posts and am seriously considering taking part in Blogtober although I really need to get my act together soon if I’m going to! The more I write the more I am enjoying it and I’ve said it a million times and I’ll probably say it a million more, but it really is great therapy and sometimes the only ‘me time’ I get in the day. To anyone thinking about starting a blog, I couldn’t recommend it more.

So that’s the round up for August, next month maybe I’ll be on time…

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