Christmas Gift Guide For Toddlers

With Christmas looming I’ve put together this gift guide for toddlers to hopefully give some inspiration to any parents out there who are struggling for ideas. Let’s be honest you can go into any Early Learning Centre, Toys ‘r’ Us or Argos and be bombarded with choices and ideas of all the latest toys to buy your toddler, so I’ve focused on some more alternative ideas that you might not otherwise have thought of and to support some smaller or lesser known brands in the process.

For the animal lover
Little Tikes have all sorts of fabulous toys that any toddler would love to open on Christmas day, I particularly love the Swim to Me Puppy and the Lil’ Pups Just Born Puppy. Darcie has been testing out both of these toys and I’m sure if she could formulate a sentence then it would be a glowing recommendation for them both. You can read my full review of the Swim to Me Puppy here and I can guarantee that he would bring a smile to your toddler’s face on Christmas morning.

For the little bookworm
If you have a toddler that loves to read books with you and look at the pictures then why not get them a personalised book from Wonderbly? We’ve got The Girl Who Lost Her Name for Darcie this year and I think she’s going to absolutely love it. The book is about a little girl or boy who has lost their name and they go on an adventure to find it again. They meet different animals along the way that begin with each of the letters of your child’s name and then at the end they find their name. You can even choose which character is in the book to look most like your child and I just know that this is a book that Darcie will enjoy now but love even more as she gets older too. They also have a range of other books including a Christmas story that would make a perfect gift and can be personalised to include up to nine members of the family. The books are beautiful and so well made and I can’t wait to read it with Darcie on Christmas Day.

Another gorgeous personalised book is this Peter Rabbit Guide For Life from Find Me A Gift. This is a beautiful keepsake book personalised with your child’s name and has different sections with little life lessons for them all based around The Tales of Peter Rabbit. We’re big Peter Rabbit fans in this house and so I know Darcie will love looking at the pictures and reading it too as she gets older. It comes in a gorgeous keepsake box and would make a really special gift for any child this Christmas.

For the adventurer
The Toddlebike2 weighs less than 1kg and is a great starter bike for toddlers who are confidently walking but not ready for a heavier balance bike or trike yet. Because it is so light, it is easy for them to ride around and they are less likely to be hurt if they fall while using it. We got ours in the pink colour and Darcie really enjoys riding around the house on it. It’s quite normal for it to take a little while for them to get the hang of it as it is a very different motion to walking but once they do get the hang of it, it can provide endless entertainment for them. This would be a great gift particularly for a toddler who wants to join in with their elder siblings when they ride their bikes. I also have a discount code for the Toddlebike2, just enter BLOG17 at the checkout for 10% off.

If, like me, you have a toddler that just wants to be outside all of the time it might be worth investing in a higher quality thermal hat and gloves for them. I think it’s always good to throw in a couple of gifts for your child that they actually need and this is the perfect example. ISBJÖRN of Sweden have a great range of thermal insulated hats and gloves that will keep your toddler warm all day while they play outside. These would be great as well if you are planning any kind of skiing holiday over the festive season.

And how about getting them their very own rucksack to take on their adventures? If your toddler is anything like mine, they will likely be obsessed with bags, taking things out of bags, putting things into bags, carrying the bags around. Bags, bags, bags! Cath Kidston do some absolutely adorable little rucksacks perfect for toddlers that they can fill up with everything they want to take out with them, and hopefully carry it themselves!

Little extras
JML have this great little game for all the family to enjoy called Boppin Bugz which is a little bug that runs away from you when you try to catch it and also has flashing lights and sounds. We’re saving ours for Christmas day but these little bugs have great reviews and is something that I think will keep any toddler entertained and almost certainly any older children (and probably parents!) too.

In case you haven’t already picked up from the other items on this list, I just love a personalised gift. Santa Sacks do the most adorable range of personalised sacks to put all your child’s presents in. The range of designs are all really lovely and would put a smile on any face to wake up and find on Christmas morning.

*This post contains items that were gifted to me, all opinions are my own.

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