Little Tikes Swim to Me Puppy Review

Anyone who knows my daughter in real life or who has read my blog for a long time will know that she is animal mad. There are times when I genuinely feel she prefers animals to humans and will happily spend her time watching cats from the window, chasing them when we go for walks and ‘woofing’ at every dog that we see. I would love more than anything to get her her very own pet but the timing doesn’t quite feel right at the moment. So I was very happy when we received a Little Tikes Swim to Me Puppy to review. I immediately knew that she would absolutely love the toy and we couldn’t wait to try him out.

The Swim to Me Puppy is the perfect size for a toddler and it comes with a lead for walking and also goggles for swimming. He has one button that you press to make him walk or swim, depending if he is in the water or not. I like that he is simple enough that Darcie can make him walk by herself without needing my help. It gives her a great sense of satisfaction that she can do it by herself too. Because he is able to go in the water, you can also take him for walks outside without having to worry about him getting wet  in puddles. I would recommend you take him somewhere with a reasonably flat surface to walk on though as he has a bit of trouble navigating more difficult terrain. Darcie loves taking him out for walks, she proudly holds the lead and walks along next to him and I can see that she feels like one of the club when we pass dog walkers with their more conventional pups.

We’ve only tried out the swimming feature a couple of times in the bath, mainly because I never remember to bring him upstairs with us, but it definitely makes for an exciting bath time when we do. Darcie is currently going through a phase of hating having her hair washed but having the puppy in with her is a great distraction while I do the mean Mummy bit and wash her hair. She loves playing with his goggles too and putting them on herself and some of her other bath toys.

My only slight critique of the product is that he does make quite a bit of noise when he walks and that he is also only able to walk and swim quite slowly. These would just be things to bear in mind when purchasing the toy. I have no reservations in recommending this product to anybody stuck for Christmas present ideas for their dog loving children. The Little Tikes Swim to Me Puppy retails at £29.99 which I think is excellent value for a toy that does so much and that will almost certainly bring endless hours of entertainment for your little one.

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