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Flip Out Southampton Review

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Flip Out to see if I would like to try out their trampoline park with Darcie and to write a review for them. Not being someone to turn down an opportunity to do something different, I of course said yes and so along we went on Friday 10th of November. We took two of our friends along with us because everything is better with friends, and we all had a really good time. When you first arrive at Flip Out you have to sign a waiver basically saying that you will take responsibility for yourself and your children and then there is a short health and safety video to watch. It really is very short so you don’t need to worry about keeping the kids still for very long at all. I think it’s good that they do all of this as it shows that they really care about your safety and enjoyment while using the equipment. We were a bit disappointed though as they don’t allow triple flips which was obviously the main reason we wanted to go (kidding!). You have to purchase non slip socks for jumping which are then yours to keep for any future times that you go, and there are lockers to leave any possessions that you don’t want to take onto the trampolines with you.

In the Southampton Flip Out the trampolines are on the next level up from reception so you go up the stairs and then you’re right in the midst of it all. There is a designated area for under 5s as well as much bigger trampolines for everyone else and also basketball hoops and something that looked like it fell straight out of Total Wipeout. There really is something for everyone; it’s the kind of activity that Dad’s would genuinely enjoy doing with the kids without secretly grumbling that they want to go home. I love it when places have a specific area for younger children as it really puts my mind at ease and I feel I can relax more without worrying about Darcie being trampled. Under 5s do also have the complete run of the place, you aren’t confined to that area. The Under 5s area is huge with tunnels, a ball pit, a foam pit and lots of soft play stacking blocks. It is all on trampolines too so there is plenty to keep everyone occupied.

Darcie’s current favourite thing is throwing balls and so we spent a considerable amount of time in the section with the basketball hoops where she had a fantastic time throwing the balls around and jumping on the trampoline. We stayed for around an hour which was the perfect length of time for us as by that point we were all exhausted and ready for some lunch. There is a cafe on site if you want to go there afterwards or if you need a caffeine fix after all that physical exertion. If you go to the Flip Out website you can look at all the classes and specific sessions that they run throughout the week and you can also hire it out for parties. We had such a fabulous time and will definitely be going back again as the kids loved it and so did we. The only two downsides that I can put in this honest review are that the lighting isn’t great for photos (as you will have noticed throughout this post) and that it is a way to find out for sure if all of those pelvic floor exercises paid off after all. You know what I mean Mamas!

Have you been to a Flip Out? Are you tempted to try it out?

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