My Favourite Mummy Moments

It’s no secret that I am loving being a Mum, every day there are so many moments when I just feel like the luckiest girl alive to have such a beautiful baby. I thought it would be nice to think about some of my favourite moments of being a Mummy so far.

One of my first favourite moments was when all of our family and friends came to see us at the Birth Centre, we broke the two visitors at a time rule and took over the whole lobby with about twenty people. I felt so proud to be showing off my baby for the first time and so blessed to have such a loving and supportive family.

The first time she smiled other than due to wind was when she was 4 weeks old. I was holding her and saying “Hello Darcie May” in a baby voice when she just broke into the biggest gummy grin. It was such a lovely moment as it felt like a thank you for all the effort and love I had given her for those 4 weeks so far. It was the first real communication of emotion, other than crying of course!

A new one for us happened just two days ago when Darcie started saying Dada for the first time. She is so cute the way she just babbles away and looks so pleased with herself when I tell her how clever she is. This one ties in with when she plays with her toys and is so in her own little world, I wonder where she has drifted off to that is bringing her so much joy and amusement.

Moving away from firsts; an everyday favourite Mummy moment is when she gets distracted from a feed and unlatches herself to give me the most cheeky look, if I look at her and smile she breaks into a massive contented grin and will start making the most delightful gurgling noises. Moments like this I wish I could freeze to keep forever.

I also love the mornings or after any nap when she wakes up in such a cheerful content mood and I can just tell she has had a really good sleep. To the untrained eye, looking at the monitor wouldn’t necessarily notice she is even awake because she will just lie there gazing at the ceiling but as soon as I go in to see her she turns her head towards the noise from the door and greets me with a gorgeous smile. Myself and Dan often race up the stairs just to be the first through the door to win that precious moment.

Another new one is watching Darcie as she tries new foods, her likes and dislikes seem so random and she pulls the most amazing faces as she figures out what she thinks of whatever I have given her. She had cheese straws today that I made on a whim as I had some left over pastry and she loved them! It’s such a rewarding feeling, much better than when I made her banana and egg pancakes and she dropped one on the floor and the next on my head as I bent down to get it, cheeky monkey!

I could honestly list moments like this forever but I should probably stop before I out-soppy myself! What are your favourite Mummy moments? Let’s spread some positivity today!

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