Proud Mum

IMG_2742Darcie had her 10-12 month review with the health visitor this morning and I’m pleased to say she passed with flying colours. There was a tick list of things that she should be doing by now and different grades like ‘satisfactory’, ‘problem’ and ‘not achieved’. I was so happy for her to have all top marks and it made me feels so proud of the little person that she is.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself that I have a baby who is not only beautiful and healthy but is developing at a good average rate and is generally content and happy. How did I get so lucky? We can get so caught up in worrying about all the things that can go wrong with a pregnancy, labour and then just generally raising a baby, that we often forget to realise just how lucky we are when these things don’t go wrong and they are actually going really, totally right.

The only real battle we’ve had with Darcie was her very strong sense of ‘stranger danger’ which to be honest probably wasn’t that much of a bad thing. She’s not exactly going to go off with a stranger if she screams at every little old lady that pokes their head into the pram to say ‘hello’. She’s almost completely out of that phase now and will rarely cry at people, she still might take ten minutes to warm up to them but it’s not the same awkward situation that we used to have to deal with. It makes me so proud to see her coming out of that phase and learning to be more at ease in new situations and with new people. She’s so curious and fascinated with everything that I think it distracts her from feeling scared or nervous anymore.

Any parents reading this know that feeling of just being so proud of your child. It’s a warm fuzz that takes over you and you just feel amazed that this little creature is yours. You made them, brought them into the world and now you are raising them and they are turning out pretty great. There is honestly no feeling like it. I get this feeling all the time recently as she has started developing so quickly and there is always a new achievement or milestone being met. I hate how quickly time is flying by but I’m loving the experiences along the way. I’m so proud of our little Darcie, it seems like just yesterday we heard her heartbeat for the first time and we were amazed by how strong and steady it was, and the realisation that we were actually having a baby totally hit us. Now she is here and she is thriving and lovely and happy and it all makes me one very proud Mum.

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