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IMG_0753Today has been a day of firsts. Actually every day recently seems to be a day of firsts. Darcie is going from strength to strength and it’s so amazing to watch, even if I do feel like I can’t quite keep up with her sometimes. She’s been pulling herself up on furniture intermittently for a little while now, the first time she did it was when she was really poorly with a fever, we just gave her her first does of antibiotics and it must have given her a boost of energy as she suddenly just stood up!

This morning she pulled herself up to standing in the cot for the first time and then did the same thing using the stairs later on. Each time she looks so pleased with herself, she gets this look on her face that I don’t really see at any other time. It’s like she’s saying ‘Ha! Look what I can do’. She definitely has a streak of stubborn defiance within her and a strong will to succeed at whatever it is she is trying to do. As the days go by she is growing more and more independent. I love it, even though I am starting to feel slightly redundant.

I also turned the pushchair around today, so she is no longer facing her Mama but the big wide world instead. She loved it! She usually hates the pram, she cries as I put her in and resists being in it until she is allowed out. It has gotten worse as she is getting older, which makes me think it must be to do with wanting her freedom and independence. She doesn’t like being strapped into anything, even the highchair until the food arrives. I’ve put off turning the pram around to face away from me, because she has had a bit of separation anxiety and I thought it might upset her to not be able to see me. But it turns out I was just flattering myself! Actually the pram is an okay place to be once she can’t see me! (Don’t worry about my feelings Darcie, I just carried you for 9 months, birthed you and keep you safe, fed and happy day by day!)

I am loving all these mini firsts though. Before you have your own children you only really think of the obvious ones like the first smile, laugh or word.Then you have a baby and you find yourself celebrating the smallest achievements; when they pass their hearing test, the day they discover their hands or every time they make a new noise.

I am watching Darcie constantly growing and changing right in front of my eyes, shes gone from helpless newborn to sassy little lady in the space of ten months and its been a crazy journey so far. I’m so proud of her, she’s so independent and strong willed already and she has a strong sense of freedom. I can’t wait for everything that the next few months will bring, but for now I’m going to go and cry into a cup of tea because where has my baby gone?!

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