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Adding Character To The Children’s Bedrooms With Posterlounge & A Giveaway

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You may have noticed there has been quite a theme with some of my posts recently, I’m determinedly making our house a home one room at a time. Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones and just an extreme form of ‘nesting’ but recently I’m just loving making little changes and improvements to the house to really make it somewhere that I love to be. One of my favourite ways to add character and personality to a room is by introducing prints and wall art to the space. Our whole house is painted white which I love as it is very airy and bright but I also love colour and pattern so I’ve been using wall art to introduce this all around the house.

The focus of my attention recently has been children’s bedrooms. Saying ‘the children’ seems so strange to me because our second child isn’t even here yet! As I’ve been preparing his nursery for his imminent arrival, it has seemed only fair to make improvements to Darcie’s room too. As Ernie isn’t born yet, it’s impossible to predict his character and personality but when it comes to Darcie’s room that is exactly what I have been trying to reflect. Darcie is such a colourful and quirky little individual that when it came to choosing her wall art I wanted to express that in the best way that I could.

The first print that caught my eye was this gorgeous typography poster that says the word ‘kind’ with a beautiful flower design border. One of Darcie’s biggest personality traits (and favourite words!) is kind. She loves to be kind and gentle around babies and then proudly looks at me and says ‘kind mummy!’. I decided to get this print in a large size (50×70) and for it to be the feature of the gallery wall. I then chose a couple of other posters mainly for their bright and colourful nature. The first is this ‘A Flamingos Fancy’ print and then the second is this ‘Happy Cactus‘. One of the unique things about Poster Lounge is the range of materials they offer as well as just standard posters. I was really keen to add some of these into the gallery wall to make it even more diverse and interesting to look at. I was immediately drawn to this Taurus print and chose to have it printed on wood. The wood looks gorgeous on the wall and goes in really nicely with some of the other wooden items in Darcie’s bedroom such as her TeePee Floor Bed and play kitchen. The last poster I chose to complete this selection was this Dreamcatcher and I decided to order the walnut hangers to go with it. Again this adds such a nice new dimension to the wall.

There was already a smaller selection of photos on one of Darcie’s other walls and when I saw this ‘Everyday Is An Adventure‘ print I just knew it would go perfectly. I decided to go for this one as a canvas and it looks beautiful on the wall.

I have gone for a mostly grey and white theme in Ernie’s room. I seem to have a thing for these soft tones at the moment particularly when it comes to our baby boy, I think it’s my quiet rebellion against all the orange and lime green clothes that take residence in the boys clothes sections in the shops. I have painted a grey mountain mural on the main room in his nursery and wanted to add just a splash of colour and personality into the room. I first found this ‘Little TiPi’ print and chose to have it with walnut hangers. This print is adorable and looks perfect with the triangle shapes of the mountains on the adjacent wall. The second print I found is just the perfect colours that I wanted to add into the room. ‘Animal Pyramid’ looks stunning on the wall and the bright teal and multi colour tones add so much warmth into the room.

I also couldn’t resist picking up this ‘Lil Man Cave’ print to go just outside his room. It’s printed in the same lovely teal colour as the print inside the room which is quickly becoming one of my favourite colours.

I’ve been so impressed with not only the quality of the products from Posterlounge but their customer service and website are excellent too. I’d definitely recommend having a look next time you’re in the market for some wall art.

I’ve teamed up with Posterlounge to offer my readers the chance to win £40 to spend across their website, all you have to do is follow the link below to enter the giveaway. There are multiple entry requirements and each one you complete will give you an extra entry to the giveaway. The giveaway will run until Friday 22nd June and I will contact the winner via email (if I’m not having a baby in which case there could be a slight delay, you know how it is!)

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