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When I was preparing to have my first baby, I read so many of these ‘What’s In My Hospital Bag? posts online. It must be one of the most googled questions in every pregnant woman’s search history – what on earth do I take with me to have this baby?! This time around, rather than spending too long reading other people’s lists I have simply drawn on my own experience from last time. I’ve tried to remember the things that I was really glad I had with me and the things that I really wished I had taken. I think that compared to a lot of lists online this is quite a simple one. What I have decided to take has been based on the fact that this is my second child and my first labour and delivery had no complications, therefore I have no intention of staying in the birth centre any longer than necessary.

I have decided to take a small suitcase with me this time, the size that would count as hand luggage on an aeroplane. Last time I had a few bags with me; my bag, Dan’s bag, Darcie’s bag, the snack bag etc. It was so inconvenient having that many separate bags that this time I’ll just be taking the one, bigger case. I’m sure someone will make a joke about ‘am I moving in?’ but to me this just makes sense! So, what’s in the bag?

For Baby

4x vests – I’m bringing a range of sizes with me just in case he comes out bigger or smaller than I am expecting.
4x sleepsuits – Again, these are a range of sizes. I’ve gone for ones with built in scratch mittens because I found separate mittens impossible to keep on.
A hat – babies lose a lot of heat through their heads so it’s advised to put them in a hat when they are a newborn.
2x muslins – These don’t need an explanation, muslins are just fundamental!
A cellular blanket – The birth centre do provide a blanket for when they are newborn but it’s always handy to have a spare.
Nappies – I’ve packed about 20 in the case but plan on leaving a spare packet in the car too. These are size 1.
Nappy bags – No brainer really!
Cotton Wool – For those early nappy changes when wipes can irritate their skin.
Aqua Wipes – These can be used from birth and could be handy to have as well as the cotton wool. They are 99% purified water with an organic Aloe Vera extract and are also totally bio degradable. I’m looking forward to trying these out as cotton wool can be such a faff!

For Me

Maternity pads – Glamorous, I know! I’ve packed one 10 pack in the case and plan on leaving a spare in the car too. I remember going through these things like they were going out of fashion.
Breast pads – More glamour! Even if I’m not leaking milk straight away I found these essential to have for sore and sensitive nipples in the early days.
Lansinoh Lanolin Cream – This stuff is an actual godsend if you are breastfeeding.
Big pants – For containing those big pads!
Nursing Bra – I’ll be wearing one when I go in but no doubt it will be good to have a fresh, comfy one to put on afterwards.
Comfy clothes – I didn’t take the right sort of clothes with me last time. I’d packed a big shirt thinking of easy breastfeeding access, which it was but it also left me feeling very exposed when visitors were around. I much prefer the one up, one down method when feeding as it’s much more discreet so this time I am taking a vest top, a loose top to wear over the top and a comfy pair of shorts.
Flip flops – Lots of people will advise taking slippers but it was so warm in the birth centre last time, it will be much comfier and cooler to have flip flops.
Wash Bag – I’ve bought mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner, face wipes, face wash, moisturiser, shower gel, a flannel, toothpaste and a toothbrush. That first shower after giving birth is magical!

Anything Else

Maternity notes – Definitely not a good idea to forget these!
Snacks! – I couldn’t eat during labour last time as I felt too sick but I’ve got some snacks to take just in case I can bring myself to eat them.
Isotonic Lucozade – These are amazing for keeping your energy up during labour.
Water bottle – I’ve got a big water bottle that is easy to drink from that will certainly be coming with me.
Music – This is on my phone, I’ve got the same playlist that I made for Darcie’s birth which I listened to at home a lot. I didn’t care to put it on by the time we were in the birth centre but it’ll good to have the option.
Tens Machine – This worked really well for me during my first labour.
The car seat – This will be in the car from now on, ready to bring our baby boy home.

So there we have it! If you think I have forgotten anything please let me know! I wanted to keep things simple and back to basics this time around, now that I have more of an insight into what I will actually use. I can always send Dan or family members off to buy anything unexpected we might need!

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