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What Mother’s Day Means To Me

Mother’s Day – I have to admit it’s one of my favourite days of the year. And not simply from a ‘everyone needs to buy me chocolate and treat me like a queen’ point of view, but more because it’s actually a day to celebrate what I would consider to be my greatest achievement in life – being a mother. And to also take the opportunity to celebrate other mothers around me. Because, let’s be honest, on a day to day basis it’s very easy to forget to celebrate all of the things that mothers do for everyone around them. I find myself so caught up in every day life that I hardly ever stop and realise quite how much I do for my children. At the end of the day I often wonder what I have actually achieved, but even on those days I’ve kept my babies alive, well and happy – which is a great achievement in itself!

I once read a quote that said ‘Mother is a verb. It’s something you do, not just who you are’, and that has always stuck with me. Because for me, that just sums it all up. Motherhood isn’t just a part of our lives , it is our whole life. It can’t be compartmentalised, or switched off. And yet we frequently forget to pat ourselves on the back, or to tell others around us just how much of a fabulous of a job they are doing.

I can clearly remember my first Mother’s Day, feeling like a part of something. Dan got me a card and some flowers and chocolates from Darcie, and he even wrote me a poem which made me bawl like a baby. I still have it now, on a clipboard on a shelf in our dining room. Because it just meant so much to me. To be recognised, to be celebrated. For things that I would do a million times over with no recognition.

Since becoming a mother myself I have a newfound appreciation for the other mothers in my life too. My own, Dan’s, our grandparents, my friends, and all of the amazing women who I speak to daily on Instagram. I love sending messages and cards to everyone on Mother’s Day, because I don’t feel like it’s a day all about me, or all about my own mother. It’s about celebrating mothers everywhere and motherhood in all it’s wonderful, messy glory.

No matter who you are celebrating on Mother’s Day or how you are celebrating them, Moonpig have a fabulous selection of gifts and cards to choose from. From experiences like a spa day or afternoon tea to letterbox gifts and personalised gifts – there will be something to show someone how much you appreciate them on this special day.

I’d love to know what Mother’s Day means to you – how will you be celebrating it this year?


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