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Being a Mum

Being a Mum is..

Learning to see the world through the eyes of your baby (Oh wow a TV remote!).

Not being able to remember how you filled your time before children.

Celebrating a pooey nappy when your baby hasn’t pooed in 3 days.

Texting your partner to let them know of this.

Then wondering when your life reached this point.

Considering an outfit to be ‘clean’ if it only has dribble on it.

Feeling like a million dollars when you manage to wear your hair down or put make up on.

Drinking a cup of tea before it gets cold and feeling like someone should give you a medal.

Not looking in a mirror before you leave and just hoping for the best.

Realising that your baby has a way better wardrobe than you.

Being more excited to go to Toys R Us and buy your baby a new toy than to go to Boots to choose a new lipstick.

Frantically starting on your to do list as soon as your baby’s eyes close because, let’s be honest, you have no idea how long they will sleep for.

Looking at other Mums and wondering how they look so put together and in control.

Then realising they are probably thinking the same  thing.

Making friends on the bus with the other Mum with a pram and having so much in common simply because you both have kids.

Feeling forever guilty that you don’t have enough time for your partner and friends because you are so busy with your baby.

Then, also feeling guilty that maybe you don’t spend enough ‘quality’ time with your baby (the Mum guilt is real!)

Being so focused on getting all your baby’s things together to leave the house that you end up locking your keys in the house or just forgetting to lock ¬†your door altogether.

A complete roller coaster of emotions and experiences that we definitely wouldn’t change for the world!

How would you explain being a Mum?

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  1. This “Not looking in a mirror before you leave and just hoping for the best.” – ugh I do this more than I care to admit!

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