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Parenting Rites of Passage, How Many Can You Tick Off?


A couple of months ago Darcie and I were playing in the lounge, she was bringing me books and toys and we were throwing her ball around. Then she just randomly came over to me and gave me a cuddle, for just a couple of seconds before toddling off again. That was the first time she had ever done that of her own accord, with no prompting or encouragement. She had done it because she wanted to. In that moment I thought to myself ‘this is what being a parent is all about’, ‘this is what makes it all worth it’. There are so many experiences that we all go through as parents that make us stop and think ‘wow, I really am a parent now’. These rites of passage, as I have decided to call them, come in all shapes and sizes, the good, the bad and the downright embarrassing. I thought it would be fun to list some of them on here and we can all see how many we can tick off. How many levels of parenting have you completed according to this list? Tally up your number and leave it in the comments below.

I also asked lots of my favourite bloggers for their suggestions so here goes.

That first nappy change when you are so worried about hurting them.

The first time you see a Poonami firsthand.

The first time you pick your baby up in public and sniff their bum! – Ayse from Arepops 

The first time they wee on you.

The first time your boobs leak and you’re really not expecting it! – Claire from Dear Mummy Bear

Cutting their fingernails for the first time and being completely terrified about it. – Eileen from 2 Nerds and a Baby

When you brave your baby group.

When they sleep through the night for the first ever time. They will never do it again after you tell everyone, but you’re still so proud. – Fern from Mum Conventional 

Your first time at soft play!

The first time you experience true, unwavering mum guilt.

The first time they hurt themselves and you would do anything to take the pain for them.

The first time you rush a really ill baby to the doctors… And they are happy as Larry when you step through the doors! – Karen from Monkey Feet

The first time you end up in A&E with your child! – Jenny from Monkey and Mouse 

The first time they give you a cuddle without being asked or cuddled first. – Debbie from My Boys Club

The first time they give you a sloppy snotty kiss. – Becky from Mommy and Rory

When the Jumperoo takes over your living room and you wistfully think back to a time before your life was taken over by brightly coloured plastic noise machines.

The first time they say something that sounds like”mummy” (then don’t repeat it again for a while) – Victoria from The Growing Mum

The first time they cry at Santa.

The first time they decide to decorate their bedroom with the contents of their nappy….  – Pip from Pip Milburn

The first painting they bring home from nursery. It may just be a blob of colours but it takes pride of place on the fridge. – Ally from The SML Diet

The first time they say love you mummy without you saying it first. – Lianne from Anklebiter’s Adventures

The first public tantrum. I’m talking the lay on the floor kicking and screaming type of tantrum because you refused to buy the £5 magazine. – Gee from Gee Gardner


These are all things that probably take place in the first couple of years of being a parent, so anyone with older children, I would love to know what delightful parenting rites of passage have we got in store? For everyone else, there are 22 things on that list, how many can you tick off? I’m on 16!


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