Pumpkin Picking at Pickwell Farm

Ever since our lovely day out Strawberry picking in the summer I have been looking forward to going back to Pickwell Farm in the Autumn to pick some pumpkins. We headed off bright and early this morning, the sun was shining and as it is a weekday we hoped it wouldn’t be too busy. It wasn’t busy at all although I think that was partly due to the fact that we had actually missed peak pumpkin picking season. There wasn’t a great selection of pumpkins left but that didn’t really matter as I think main fun of going pumpkin picking is the experience not necessarily the pumpkin you come home with anyway. We had a great time and I got some photos that I am in love with so that’s the main thing anyway, right?

We borrowed a wheelbarrow for collecting our pumpkins and then probably spent around an hour mooching around the fields. Darcie loved being in the wheelbarrow as the fields were very muddy and uneven which made for a pretty amazing ride for our little adrenaline junkie. As I said before it was slim pickings in the fields but that really didn’t bother us.

Darcie loves trying to pick up the pumpkins but most of them were way too heavy for her so we spent a while trying to find the perfect size pumpkin for her little arms to manage. She loved running around in the field and fell over more times than I could possibly keep count of but each times she just got up and brushed herself off. She is so in her element outdoors and I just think she was born to live on a farm in the countryside somewhere.

After a while we found one little Darcie sized pumpkin to take home, I couldn’t see the point in taking lots as they just end up going to waste. A couple of years ago I made a few attempts at baking a pumpkin pie and after a couple of disasters and one successful bake I realised that I actually don’t even like pumpkin pie, so I won’t be doing that again. I’m equally useless at carving them and Darcie is too young to join in anyway so we’ll put that one off for a few years! I have seen some adorable painted pumpkins floating around on Instagram and Pinterest so I might have a go at that, as I think I’ll have a bit more luck with that than carving them.

I love the idea of going pumpkin picking every year and it becoming a real family tradition. Even Dan enjoyed himself once we got there despite remarking on the way that he couldn’t understand why we didn’t just go to Sainsbury’s and get one for a pound! As soon as he was taking his little princess for a wheelbarrow ride he quickly changed his mind on that one.

Do you go pumpkin picking with your family?



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