Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym Review

Despite Darcie only being two years old, I have to admit that the world of newborn still seems a little alien to me. Her newborn days feel like a distant memory and as much as some elements have come flooding back, I’m also having to relearn some things. One of the things I’d forgotten was just how hard it can be to entertain a new baby. When they start to be more awake in the daytime, you have to find ways to keep them stimulated and entertained without also accidentally overstimulating them in the process. As Ernie is more awake now, we’ve been trying out the Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym and it’s been a hit so far.

Growth & Development

I love the times when he is awake and we all get to interact with him, and this Fisher-Price Gym gives us all the perfect chance to do so. He is a very smiley baby and he is already taking an interest in everything so it’s lovely to put him down under the toy arch and watch him try to figure it all out. The great thing about the gym is that it can be used in different ways as your baby grows and develops. At the moment Ernie really just lies on it and looks at all the sensory toys hanging from the arch. As he gets older I’m sure he will start to grab and play with the toys and also be able to kick the piano keys to make a tune too.

The piano is the main feature of the baby gym and is the major selling point that sets it aside from other products out there. The piano keys light up and it can play all sorts of different songs about animals, shapes, colours and numbers. Of course you can also press the keys for real piano notes too and once your child has outgrown the rest of the baby gym, you can detach the piano section entirely and keep it as a separate toy. Darcie loves playing with the piano while Ernie kicks around on the mat which I think is testament to how long it will keep Ernie entertained in one form or another.


The mat itself has pictures of animals on it and is lovely and colourful which is exactly what babies need for their development. The toys that hang from the arch are all designed to stimulate the senses too. There is a mirror, a lion rattle, an elephant teether, a crinkle panda and a monkey cymbal. The toys can detach from the arch and also be used as their own individual toys too. The product was clearly designed with the babies development and learning in mind as every element of the baby gym stimulates and engages the baby in a different way.

From a practical point of view the baby gym is very easy to set up and comes with batteries included which is always a bonus for me as I never remember to buy them! The play mat is also washable which is very handy if your baby likes to throw up as much as mine does!

Overall we are very happy with the gym and I look forward to him being able to use it in new ways as he grows and develops!

*we were sent the baby gym for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.

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