Strawberry Picking at Pickwell Farm

e9254d42-caf5-402e-8a13-b94731874bdaI didn’t ever quite get around to posting my Summer Bucket List Post, but one thing that I’ve had in my mind that I wanted to do with Darcie was to go strawberry picking. I don’t think I’ve ever been specifically to strawberry fields before but I’ve always thought it seemed like a lovely family outing so wanted to make sure we made it happen and maybe it will even become a family tradition. We live quite close to Pickwell Farm where you can go and pick your own strawberries among many other fruits and vegetables so it seemed like too good of an opportunity to miss. 

On Sunday morning after a lazy start (on my behalf, Dan was earning himself boyfriend points entertaining Darcie since the crack of dawn) we bundled into the car and drove over to Pickwell Farm. It was such a warm day so the car journey was sweltering but it was worth it when we arrived. The farm is massive with a shop and acres and acres of crops either in the stages of growing or ready to be picked. You take a punnet or basket, depending how much you are planning on picking, and head over to the fields. You can smell the strawberries as soon as you get close and then the hunt begins. Dan turned out to be a good strawberry finder and even Darcie managed to grab a few and eat them before I even spotted them! She basically ate her way through the fields while we picked any she left behind to put in our punnet.

When you have gathered to your hearts content, or you are too full to eat any more (looking at you Darcie May!) you take your loot to be weighed and pay by the pound. At £1.70 per pound I thought it was very reasonable considering it is a lovely experience too.

I’d recommend this outing to anyone with fruit loving children as it is a fun trip out with great reward at the end. Even if your children aren’t big fruit fans (but who doesn’t love a strawberry?)  this could be a good way of changing their mind. When we got home I made us a mini cream tea with clotted cream and our fresh strawberries and I’m sure they tasted better than normal! Darcie is still quite happily eating her way through the rest of them, that girl would live on fruit if I’d let her.

Here are a selection of some of the photos we took while we were there. Take note of the fact that Darcie is either scoffing a strawberry or getting excited at the prospect in almost every picture!

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