Magic Santa Letter Review and Discount Code!

I know that some people will groan when they see me use the Christmas word on my blog when we’re not even quite in December. However, once you’re a parent I really don’t think there’s such a thing as being too organised for Christmas and what I’ve got to share with you today is definitely going to help you out with getting everything ready for the big day.

I absolutely love Christmas and that love has only grown since having Darcie. I want to make Christmas the most magical time for her. I love all the little things we have these days that just add to the joy of the day, I can’t wait to do Elf on the Shelf, take her to see Santa Claus and the Coca Cola truck and go to every Christmas market within the vicinity. I was contacted a little while ago by a company called Magic Santa Letter, they have a range of personalised Christmas letters that will add to the magic of Christmas in your house and make the wishes come true of any child that believes in Santa Claus. I chose the ‘Truly Magical Santa Letter’ but they also have a Magic Santa Letter and a Baby’s First Christmas package to choose from.

The ordering process was quick and easy and the letter arrives in a gorgeous North Pole Express envelope addressed personally to your child. Inside the Truly Magical Santa Letter you receive a letter from Santa, a ‘Good Child’ certificate, some colouring sheets, a ‘Santa Stop Here’ door hanger and even some magical reindeer food to leave out on Christmas Eve. You can even choose what the letter says as they have various different templates to choose from so you can pick the one that you think would be best fitting for your child. You then fill in the gaps of the letter and it arrives fully personalised for your child.

I love anything personalised and I think this is such a lovely touch for Christmas and I’m sure every child that believes in Santa would be thrilled to have this come through the letter box. Darcie is arguably still a little young this year but I’m sure she’ll enjoy scribbling on her colouring sheets and scattering the reindeer food on Christmas Eve (almost as much as I’ll enjoy hoovering it up again!).

The lovely people at Magic Santa Letter have provided me with a discount code for all of my readers which will give you 25% off your order, just enter HW25OFF at the checkout!

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