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10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week 23.03.18

The week before last was a tough one for many reasons. Most of those reasons involved expensive things breaking and needing to be replaced. It was also cold and I was stuck inside for most of the week. This week has been the opposite, it’s been a week of new, unbroken things, getting out the house and the weather finally realising that it might in fact be Spring. So here are ten things that made me happy this week:

A New Pram

The actual pram itself is irrelevant, it’s a cheapy stroller to tide us over until we decide what we want to get for when the new baby arrives. But what the new pram has given me is my freedom back. A week without a pram was too long for me and so this week it has been amazing to just be out of the house and living life again. Cabin fever has a terrible effect on both Darcie and I, and so just being able to get out and about again has been a real mood lifter!

Two Under Two

I looked after my friends little boy for a few hours on Tuesday, he is six months younger than Darcie and they get on like a house on fire (most of the time!). I was really looking forward to looking after him as I knew that Darcie would enjoy having him around. The time absolutely flew by while he was here and both children, and I, came away totally unscathed. It gave me a little confidence boost that maybe two children won’t be too hard after all. Especially as one of mine won’t even be running around for a long time!

iPhone 8 Plus

My phone was due an upgrade last week and after much uhming and ahhing I decided to go for the iPhone 8 Plus, almost totally down to the fact that it can take photos in Portrait Mode. I am so, so impressed with the camera and I’m excited to use it even more and get some gorgeous pictures of Darcie and little Ernie when he arrives too.

Becoming Vegetarian

I’ve been wanting to do this for ages but for some reason I always put it off. I’ve been vegetarian at various points in my life before and so I know that I can give up meat without it being a huge deal. I get awful meat guilt when I’m eating it, to the extent that I don’t really enjoy eating it at all. The main thing that usually puts me off is the thought of having to cook two (sometimes three!) dinners for us all, but it really hasn’t been that bad so far. I feel a million times better in myself for not eating meat and I really hope I can keep it up long term.

Toddler Gym

We tried out a new class this week called Toddler Gym and I really wasn’t sure what to expect. It ended up being nothing like what I expected but Darcie seemed to enjoy it. I had to wake her up for the class so it took her a little while to get into it but once she did, she had a whale of a time and I could see her confidence increasing. There were circuits for them to do involving balance, tunnels and steps and we also played with a parachute and hula hoops. I’d like to keep going to the class as we mainly do soft play and playgroups these days so this was a good bit of something different.

Soft Play

After Toddler Gym we headed over to the soft play centre nearby which also happens to be close to where Dan works. It was good timing as he was due a lunch break and so he met us at Soft Play and had lunch with us and a quick go on the slide with Darcie before he had to go back to work. It was a  lovely surprise for her to get to see her Daddy in the middle of the day like that! We then spent a good few hours at Soft Play which unfortunately only wore me out, and not her. But I’m glad she had a really good time!

Successful Shopping Trip

We’ve got a Maternity Photo Shoot next week which has just crept up on us out of nowhere. I really don’t know where all this time is going! I’m so excited for it but suddenly realised that I needed to arrange outfits for both Darcie and I for the Shoot. We headed into town and for once Darcie was actually a dream sitting in her pram and letting me get on with finding the things we needed. Watch this space for the photos!

Paid Work

This is a notoriously tough time of year for bloggers to find paid work. The end of the tax year is approaching and budgets are getting tighter and tighter. So I was happy to receive a couple of paid opportunities this week which I feel has put me back on track and given me a fresh burst of motivation.


Two nights this week, Darcie has given in and fallen asleep before 7pm. This is something that is such a rarity these days and I can’t even begin to explain how nice it has been to have a couple of evenings to ourselves. I’ve had a bath, a pamper session and I actually feel like a human being again! We’ve even managed to have more than a two minute conversation together without being interrupted by a cute, but very loud, toddler. Without her going to bed on time tonight, this blog post would never have happened and I’m glad that it did as I love writing these reflective posts.

Looking Forward

I’ve got lots to look forward to at the moment. On Sunday I am going to my first ever Blogger’s event which I am very excited about. I vaguely know some of the girls who are going, through social media and so it will be lovely to finally meet them in real life. As I mentioned before Darcie and I are having a photo shoot next week and we also get a visit from her Nanna as an added bonus too. Spring is finally arriving and that always lifts my mood! I feel re inspired with blog content and can’t wait to work on my photography too, now that I have my precious new phone!

What has made you happy this week?

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