From A Nursery to A Toddler Room

pexels-photo-860882As we countdown the months and weeks to baby number two, it’s dawning on me more and more that Darcie will soon be ‘the big girl’ of the family. I want to do lots of things for her around the time of Ernie Bump’s arrival that will make her feel special and hopefully ease the transition from only child to older sibling. One of the things I was keen to do was to update her bedroom so it’s less of a nursery and more of a toddler room. She has clear interests, likes and dislikes now and so I love the thought of her having a bedroom that is ‘her’s’ and full of things that she likes. The transformation is nowhere near complete but these are just some of the things we have added or changed so far.

A Floor Bed

The first update that we made was transitioning her from a cot to a floor bed. I’ve spoken about this at length in this post so I won’t go into all the details again. The long and short of it is that I wasn’t expecting her to move out of her cot so soon, but once she had learnt to climb out of the cot, it was a natural progression. I’d seen these Floor Beds on Pinterest and had totally fallen in love with them. Not only do I like the way that they look but I love the freedom it gives her and that I don’t have to worry about her falling out and hurting herself, especially because I didn’t really want her out of a cot so young. Luckily her Daddy is a dab hand at DIY and created this beautiful floor bed for her. She loves it and was so excited when she first saw it. The next challenge is just to get her to actually spend the whole night in it, but I’ll save that for another blog post!


I think lighting makes a huge difference to a room. I like to have lots of little lights so we can adjust the light for bedtime so that it’s dark enough to help her feel sleepy but light enough for me to read to her. When we first did her nursery we had bought quite a plain grey lamp that is sweet but I felt it was time for something different. I chose both of these lights from Find Me A Gift and I love them both. The first is a little rabbit that has a light up tail. She loves rabbits and I’d thought about going for a woodland theme before deciding just to go for a mix of all her favourite bright colours and things. This lamp would be perfect if you do have a woodland theme or if, like me, you just think its totally adorable!

The second little light is a light up letter D for Darcie that sits on her bookshelf and gives a lovely warm glow to the room. I’ve also got an E for Ernie that will go in his nursery when we eventually get around to sorting that room out.

New Teddies

Can a child ever have too many teddies? The answer is almost certainly ‘yes’, but I don’t ever let that stop me! This cute little guy was from Gift Pup and I love that it is personalised to say ‘Darciesaurus’ because she is seriously obsessed with dinosaurs right now. She really loves this teddy and often carries him around the house with her when she’s feeling sleepy or a bit sorry for herself. The rest of the time he sits on her bed and matches perfectly with her multi colour dinosaur bedding.

Dream Catcher

I made this for Darcie the same evening that we found out we were expecting a baby Girl. This dream catcher was actually the inspiration behind Little Dreamers Nursery Decor and has had a proud home in Darcie’s room ever since that day. The dream catcher is partly the reason for the bright and colourful theme that I have decided to go for in Darcie’s room as I love the way that it stands out in the room and would love to put other similar things up on the walls too.


I made this TeePee for Darcie for her first birthday which was a huge anti climax at the time as she really couldn’t have cared less for it! I put it away for a while and then recently got it back out again and now she loves it. She loves hiding in it or pretending to go to sleep and bring her toys in with her. It looks so cute and adds such a pretty feel to the room.

I’ve got a lot more that I want to do to the room including painting some walls and changing the furniture around. I’m so excited for it to be complete and for her to have the perfect little girl’s bedroom.

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