Easter at the Farm

I’m sure Easter is becoming a bigger celebration nationwide each year. This year I’ve seen people going all out with Easter Baskets, extravagant egg hunts and even Easter Trees. Easter traditions are becoming as popular as Christmas ones and while I’m definitely not an Easter Scrooge, I also certainly couldn’t be bothered to go all out in the same way that some people have. (That’s no shade on those that do, I just don’t have the energy this year!). We kept Easter quite low key, of course we got Darcie (and ourselves) a few Easter treats and I cooked us a roast dinner for lunch. But the highlight of the day for me was taking Darcie to a little Easter Egg Hunt at our local farm.

The farm itself is small but big enough for a nearly two year old to love exploring. We sometimes go to a Toddler Group held at the farm which Darcie loves, and so when I heard they had an Easter Event I knew I wanted to take her along. The Easter trail took us around all the different animals where there were letters to find, we then had to work out what word they spelled out to win ourselves a chocolate egg. We had Darcie’s Granny and Uncle Mark with us so Darcie left the paperwork to Uncle Mark and set about visiting all her favourite animals. At the end Mark completed the puzzle (I mean it was aimed at primary school children!) and won Darcie a little egg that she joyfully devoured.

It’s been a good few months since we last visited the local farm and I noticed a huge difference in Darcie’s interest levels, particularly when it came to the smaller indoor animals and reptiles. She saw a snake and showed us how good her ‘hisssss’ sound is. She also loved looking at the Degus and even called them the right name after I taught her that they weren’t in fact Gerbils. She enjoyed yelling ‘turtle’ at the tortoise and was thrilled when she spotted some ‘Dinosaurs!’. None of us had the heart to tell her they were actually Bearded Dragons and she was still babbling about the dinosaurs when I was putting her to bed this evening.

As usual she loved seeing the goats and sheep and spent quite a long time trying to feed the goats sticks and hay. There were hay bales laid out for people to sit on to hold the Guinea Pigs and Rabbits, which Darcie happily set about destroying so that she could feed the goats the hay instead.

After all the rain we have had recently, it was particularly lovely to get out of the house and take Darcie on a little adventure. She is such an outdoorsy girl at heart and so spending too much time indoors really has an effect on her mood. Hopefully the weather will finally decide to be more Spring-like and we can have lots more time outside soon!

How did you spend your Easter?

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