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The Positive Power Of Social Media

I didn’t have any intention of writing this post when I woke up this morning. It hasn’t been on my to do list or sitting in my drafts for months just waiting to be written. And I’ll be honest, today I haven’t been feeling positive about social media, I’ve allowed myself to pay attention to people who aren’t using it to help others, but are instead just out for their own personal gain. People using dodgy tactics to gain followers and exploiting situations for likes. I’m so sick of seeing it, but more than that, I am sick of letting it be something that even takes up space in my brain. So, instead of deleting Instagram and sitting here moaning about those people (I’m done, I swear!) I decided to write a post about the other people. The good ones. The ones who inspire me daily and who I genuinely believe have good intentions to help others and to spread positivity. I can’t change what people are doing in the world of social media but I can choose who I pay attention to, so here are some total babes who make me happy. If you don’t know about any of them already, then you’re gonna need to get to know!¬†

Lucy Jessica Carter

I mainly know Lucy for her YouTube videos, although she does have a beautiful Instagram account too. She is a mum of two boys and I just love watching her Day In The Life videos as she always inspires me with how motivated and hardworking she is. She is always very honest too with her own struggles as a mum, and how she balances working around the boys. Lucy has the most wonderful positive attitude to life and I always feel happier for watching one of her videos.

Georgina Clarke

I’ve followed Georgina since I started out on this blogging journey two whole years ago. She has two under two, runs her blog full time and is basically bossing it as a mum. She has a strong positive message through her blog and social media and is all about raising up other mums and encouraging them daily. I relate to Georgina so much and she’s always the first to say a kind word or reply with a helpful message when you need it. She has the most amazing blog and I love reading all of her Instagram posts too. The world could do with more Georginas!

Grace Fit UK

Grace’s YouTube channel is one that I only discovered recently and I’m not sure how I didn’t find it earlier as she is hugely successful. It was Grace that recently inspired me to try to lead a more plant based lifestyle which I am absolutely loving. Her videos are always so informative and she really knows what she is talking about when it comes to fitness and nutrition. I’ve learnt so much from her videos and she also has an amazing positive personality which always makes me happy.

Kerry Conway

Kerry is such a down to earth mum. She recently gave birth to her third daughter Roma and is the most amazing mum to all of her girls. I love watching her YouTube videos as they are so relatable and I often get ideas of activities to do with Darcie from seeing what she does with her daughter Aria who is close to Darcie in age. Kerry is another wonderful lady who is always there to offer advice or a kind word. I’m really not sure how she runs a successful YouTube Channel, a blog and also raises three daughters, but she does it all so brilliantly!

Amy Jane And Baby

Amy is someone who I met through Instagram who I am so pleased to be able to call my friend. I think we started blogging at around the same time and have followed each other for a while now. Amy shares the most wonderful play ideas that she does with her son Freddie and she always inspires me to do more with Darcie, and to do activities that I would never have thought of. She’s also recently been sharing her journey to a more eco-friendly and environmentally aware lifestyle which I am finding so inspiring! She’s always the first to offer a kind, encouraging word, if you don’t already follow her on Instagram or read her blog – you need to!

The Imperfectly Perfect Parent

Heather is someone who I just get so much from on a daily basis. Every caption is beautifully worded and well thought out and her parenting style is exactly the same as mine. She loves spending time outdoors with her girls, over the top decorations, cosy evenings and precious family time. A girl totally after my own heart! Everything¬†she writes always strike a chord with me, whether its funny, sad, inspiring or uplifting. She’s someone I would recommend any mum to follow, because she is all about bringing up other people and sharing her story.

Aaryn Williams

Aaryn is an american Youtuber who I have subscribed to since she very first began her channel. We were both pregnant at the same time when I was expecting Darcie and she then went on to have a second daughter just before I was pregnant for a second time too. Because of the similar ages of our children I have always related to her so much, despite being continents apart. She is always totally honest and real in her vlogs which is such a breath of fresh air because when I watch Skyla (her two year old) having a meltdown over something, it makes me feel a million times better when Darcie does it too.

Gemma Louise Miles

Most of the girls on this list are mums because to be honest these days it’s mostly mums that I can relate to. But I couldn’t write this list and not include Gemma. She’s possibly one of the most positive, upbeat girls and I am so happy I stumbled across her YouTube videos. She vlogs her day to day life, is the Christmas Queen (always the way to my heart) and has the most adorable cat, plus I love her fashion sense. She just has an infectious positive attitude and I always love seeing her videos and posts with inspirational messages behind them.

Hannah Gale

Hannah has always been one of my favourite bloggers. I remember finding her when one of her list blogs went viral; reading the post and nodding the whole way through. Then I think I binge read every single post on her site! Everything she writes is just so relatable. If you are a girl born and raised in the nineties then Hannah is your gal! She is also now a mum and so I love seeing her write about Motherhood too. Her ‘mum style’ gives me all the heart eye emoji feels and I wish I could raid her wardrobe! She’s another one who isn’t afraid to share her reality, even when times are tough, and that just makes her even more relatable.

Elle Darby

The third and final girl on this list who isn’t a mum! But like Gemma, she is just such an infectiously positive person and I couldn’t leave her off the list. Her go to phrase ‘You do you Boo’ is something that often echoes in my head in every day life. She’s the ultimate girls girl and seems like such a supportive and down to earth person. It’s crazy how just watching a YouTube video of someone you’ve never met can bring you genuine joy, but her videos do that for me.

So those are just a handful of the people who make social media a positive place for me. In case you didn’t notice the theme throughout, I basically gravitate towards people who are positive and relatable! I think it’s so important to only watch and follow (two words that make you sound like a total stalker!) people who have a positive influence on your life, not people who bring you down or make you feel bad about your own life. Luckily we live in a world where there are so many people making YouTube videos, posting on Instagram and writing blogs that there is someone and something out there for everyone. I’d love to know who your go to people are. Who are the ones that make you happy?

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