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November 16, 2018

So here we are, the grand finale of Little Snippets’ Gift Guide Week and I’ve saved the best till last. One for us girls! These are always my favourite gift guides to read as the person I struggle for idea with the most is myself. You know when someone asks you what you want for Christmas and you haven’t got the foggiest because you can’t remember the last time you were encouraged to think about yourself for a change? Yeah, that. I know I’m not the only one to have that problem, so here are some things that I think would be lovely to find underneath the Christmas tree this year. I hope you can find some inspiration here.

Lakes Distillery | Christmas Crackers

We all love a cracker at Christmas, but what would be even better than pulling one to find a tatty paper hat and a disaster of a joke? Well, pulling it to find a bottle of delicious Rhubarb and Rosehip Gin of course! I love these little crackers as Christmas presents, they would make an adorable stocking filler and are such a classy but also novelty item. The Lakes Distillery have a range of different Christmas Crackers to choose from, so I’m sure there will be something there to get your taste buds a-tingling.

Olverum | Bath Oil

Olverum Bath Oil has been described as a ‘warm comforting hug’ and what could be better to give at Christmas time than that? The oil contains extracts from ten different therapeutic plants known to reduce stress and increase well being. It also leaves your skin feeling silky soft and pampered. The perfect Christmas treat, especially for us overworked mums!

Philips | VisaPure Mini

The VisaPure Mini would make a great pamper gift for someone you care about this Christmas. Smaller than the original VisaPure, it is the ideal gift and fits perfectly into an everyday skincare routine. The rose gold colour is absolutely gorgeous too! I’ve been using the VisaPure for about a week now and I’ve noticed a huge difference in how smooth my skin is. It gently scrubs away the impurities and dead skin cells, leaving you feeling your best glowy self, perfect for Christmas!

Yankee Candle | Car Scents

I’m pretty sure we all pay Yankee Candle a visit around Christmas time, but did you know that they sell scents for cars too? Imagine driving to work in a car that smells of Yankee Candle. Even better, imagine pulling up at a Costa drive-through while your darling children nap in the back of your car – that smells like Yankee Candle! I don’t think I need to say anymore.

Colgate | ProClinical 250+

Give someone a white Christmas this year, and no I’m not talking about snow. I’m talking about nice, shiny, pearly white teeth! A fancy new toothbrush isn’t necessarily the thing you think to treat yourself to, which is why it makes the ideal gift. Cleaning our teeth is something we do twice a day, every day, so why not make that the nicest experience possible? I love this ProClinical toothbrush and not just because it is pink, but because it leaves my teeth feeling so much cleaner than they were with my old manual toothbrush, and whiter as a result too!

Impulse | Body Mist

I’m sure I’m not the only woman in my mid twenties (woah, that’s the first time I’ve admitted to that!) who feels a huge sense of nostalgia for Impulse products. They were the sprays that we all snuck into our schoolbags and sprayed excessively in the toilets at break time, emerging feeling like our most fabulous fifteen year old selves. Well, Impulse are still very much around and their scents and body mists are better than ever. They make the perfect everyday body spray and would be a great stocking filler.

Paperscapes | Press Out Books

When I saw how stunning these books are, I just had to include them in this gift guide. They’d be a fabulous gift for all members of the family not just for women, but I had to choose one guide to put them in and it just ended up being this one. There is a whole range of Paperscapes books from cats and dogs to butterflies and trees, and each one has the most beautiful images inside. You can then ‘press out’ the images, which creates stunning ‘book art’ that you can proudly display in your home. I think these books are gorgeous and would make the most fabulous gift for someone who is usually hard to buy for.

Tesalate | Sand Free Beach Towel

Know someone who is escaping Britain for some winter sun? Then this Tesalate sand free towel would be a great gift for them this Christmas. The towels come in a range of beautiful designs and are miraculously sand free! As much as we all love a holiday, no one wants to quite literally bring the beach home with them – so this is the perfect solution.

BabyBjorn | Baby Carrier Mini

If you are looking for a gift for a new mum then this Baby Carrier Mini from BabyBjorn would make the ideal gift. I love using this carrier as it is so much softer than any other one I have used in the past. It is designed to maximise the closeness to your newborn and is so easy to take on and off (some carriers can be such a faff!). The front panel easily unfastens which means that you can easily transfer your sleeping baby to their Moses basket (if they allow you to, of course!). This is definitely my favourite baby carrier and for that reason I know it would make a great gift for a new mum this Christmas.

Baylis & Harding | Christmas Gift Sets

And last but definitely not least. The ultimate pamper product, a Baylis & Harding Gift Set. They have an extensive Christmas range so there really is something for everyone. From bath bombs to the Fuzzy Duck set, they have covered all bases and you can be reassured that they all smell incredible! You really can’t go wrong with a gift set from Baylis & Harding at Christmas time.

So there we have it, the end of Little Snippets’ Gift Guide Week. I hope you have enjoyed this series and found some inspiration! I’d love to know if you end up purchasing any of my recommendations. Tag me on Instagram if you do!

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*this post contains items that were kindly gifted to me, all opinions are my own.

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